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ORACLE Brand Halo Products carry a Lifetime Warranty. Warranty covers defects on the LED and driver components. Waterproof Halo Kits carry a Lifetime Warranty as well but please note that hard part decay due to UV damage, oxidation, or environmental conditions are not part of the coverage. ORACLE will replace any defective part free of charge once defective part is returned. ORACLE reserves the right to have the product manufacturer inspect, test, and diagnose the defective part to see if the defect was due to factory error or customer negligence. Customer is responsible for all related shipping charges. Warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation. Returned parts may be exchanged or repaired on the discretion of the manufacturer. The warranty of Oracle products is not transferable. If the product is removed, uninstalled, transfers ownership, or is otherwise parted from its original installation then warranty becomes void. ORACLE will, subject to Customer's compliance with the return procedures set forth below, repair or replace the hardware found not to operate in accordance with the hardware specifications, so long as customer has properly operated the hardware and used it in conformance with such specifications. To obtain warranty service, Customer must notify its product seller and obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization ("RMA") from the seller and return the product in accordance with the instructions provided by the seller. Customer is fully responsible for delivering the product to its seller or ORACLE, and ORACLE is responsible for returning the product if it is found to be defective. Returned products which are found by ORACLE to be not defective, out-of-warranty or otherwise ineligible for warranty service will be shipped back to the customer at the customer's expense. All replaced products and parts, whether under warranty or not, become ORACLE's property.

NOTE: Removing the 3M Adhesive Backing from a halo/halo kit or concept LED strips WILL void the warranty and a replacement part can be purchased. Cutting, altering or extending the wires between the ORACLE halo and the LED drivers will also void its warranty.

Customers will be notified of out of stock items via email. Shipping updates are emailed out automatically by our system so please check your spam folder before contacting us for a tracking #. Since each item is tested and working when it leaves here, any damage between the time it leaves our facility and the time it arrives to the customer would be considered "shipping damage". Shipping Damage is the responsibility of the shipping company. If no additional insurance is purchased the customer will be responsible for paying to replace the damaged item. To get a quote for shipping insurance please call us at 1-800-407-5776. UPS covers up to $100 automatically, customers can contact UPS by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS and filing a claim. Once we are notified of the claim we can take the necessary steps to process the claim with UPS.

As with any product that deals with electronics, we recommend that the parts are installed by a trained professional. Trained professionals are defined as any certified ASE mechanic or trained automotive Technician certified in car stereo or alarm installation. ORACLE will not be responsible for any damage to a customer's vehicle. Any damage done to said vehicle is the responsibility of the technician who installs the product and he/she should be notified of this by the customer before installation takes place. ORACLE does not cover labor fees associated with the removal or installation of the product. 


Pre-Assembled headlights are available from ORACLE by special order only. ORACLE installs and tests all lights before they leave our facility. A photo of the completed lights can be emailed to the client before shipping if they request so. Halos installed by ORACLE technicians in Pre-Assembled Headlights carry a lifetime warranty along with a 1 year warranty on the headlight seal. Warranty does not cover scratches, scuffs, etc. due to normal wear and tear of the product. ORACLE does not ship replacement headlights, we repair the original set of lights in which the custom work was completed.

Factory lights sent by the customer to ORACLE for custom installation of Oracle LED products will be offered a 6-month warranty on the headlight seal as long as the lights are in good condition. ORACLE reserves the right to deny warranty against moisture if the factory seal is in poor condition, in this case, the customer will be notified prior to performing the customization. ORACLE does not offer a warranty on the seal of lights from vehicles manufactured in 2010 or earlier. 

Warranty Limitations: Obvious misuse, abuse, or otherwise destructive physical evidence. Damaged caused by intrusion of water or other liquid materials causing electronic failure or physical corrosion. Battery failure due to excessive heating, overcharging, or shorting. Any damage to the circuit board is NOT covered under warranty. 

ORACLE Lighting offers these parts professionally painted to order. We strongly recommend using this painting service when ordering these parts. If you choose to paint these products yourself please note that parts not properly painted with a UV clearcoat will not be covered under warranty. The clearcoat protects the acrylic parts from harmful UV damage and fills any pinholes preventing moisture issues. 

ORACLE Waterproof Surface Mount Halo WARRANTY POLICY:
ORACLE Lighting offers a lifetime warranty on all LED and driver component defects. Hard part decay due to UV damage, oxidation, or environmental conditions are not covered under this stated period. "Hard Part Decay” means any damage or wear of the waterproof outer casing for these halos. This is usually caused by environmental conditions such as, sitting out in the direct sunlight or harsh road conditions and cannot be covered under warranty and is considered normal wear & tear. If there is a failure with an LED or Driver, it will still be covered under our lifetime warranty

ORACLE Warranty Coverage:

• ORACLE Halo Kits - Lifetime Warranty
• ORACLE Xenon Flashlights - 1 Year Warranty
• ORACLE LED Flashlights - 1 Year Warranty
• ORACLE Off-Road Products - 2 Year Warranty
• ORACLE Marine Products - 2 Year Warranty
• ORACLE Scanners - 1 Year Warranty
• ORACLE Wheel Rings - 1 Year Warranty
• ORACLE Interior LED Bulbs - Lifetime Warranty
• ORACLE Concept Strip - 2 Year Warranty
• ORACLE HID Kits / HID Bulbs / HID Ballasts - Lifetime Warranty
• ORACLE LED Strip - Lifetime Warranty
• ORACLE Illuminated Emblems - 2 Year Warranty
• ORACLE Mirrors- 2 Year Warranty
• ORACLE Sidemarkers - 2 Year Warranty
• ORACLE LED PODS - Lifetime Warranty
• ORACLE GOBOS - 1 Year Warranty
• ORACLE Remotes - 1 Year Warranty
• ORACLE Strobe Lights - 1 Year Warranty
• ORACLE Projectors - 1 Year Warranty
• ORACLE Reverse Lights - 2 Year Warranty
• ORACLE DRLs - 1 Year Warranty
• ORACLE LED Headlight Bulbs - 2 Year Warranty
• ORACLE Sealed Beam Headlights - 1 Year Warranty
• ORACLE Pre-assembled Headlights / Fog Lights - Lifetime Warranty on Halo LED and Driver components manufacturer defects
• ORACLE Home Lighting Products - 3 Year Warranty



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