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ORACLE Factory & Aftermarket Xenon Replacement Bulbs

ORACLE Xenon Conversion Kits

ORACLE Xenon Bulb

Not all HID Products are Created Equal.


The main complaint about HIDs is that they blind other drivers. Well, if your lights are blinding people that means that the illumination is not on the road- where you need it. The reason that many cheap HID kits blind other drivers is because if the bulb geometry.
HID Headlight Projection
Factory headlights are designed so that the light hits the mirrored facets at certain angles to accurately project light onto the road. Cheap kits usually use a generic bulb that is re-based to fit different types of sockets and therefore does not project light accurately. ORACLE bulbs are engineered to replicate the effects of the factory bulb and maintain accurate bulb geometry which puts light on the road instead of into oncoming traffic.


We carry a full line of warranty replacement parts in stock. We also employ technical support staff that can address and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

ORACLE AC Ballasts convert the incoming 12V DC power into High Voltage AC Power that ignites and maintains a smooth and consistent stream of energy to the bulb. Alternating Current (AC) ballasts are more stable, have a faster start-up, and prolong the bulb's life.

ORACLE HID Xenon Conversion Kits

Whether you are replacing a bulb that is no longer working or just want to change the look of your lights, these bulbs are the answer. Dealerships can charge over $300 for a single replacement HID bulb. When changing factory HID bulb it is advisable change both bulbs a the same time because years of use can cause the bulb to change color and not match the new bulb.

The ORACLE brand provides Accessibility, Accountability, Quality, and Superior Performance that surpasses any other lighting products currently in the market. ORACLE is the leader in lighting innovation and has the product knowledge to back it up.

Bulb TypeModel #ColorORACLE Part #
H1 HID Bulb H1-3B3000K0001-011
H1 HID Bulb H1-43B4300K0001-012
H1 HID Bulb H1-6B6000K0001-013
H1 HID Bulb H1-8B8000K0001-014
H1 HID Bulb H1-10B10000K0001-015
H1 HID Bulb H1-12B12000K0001-016
H1 HID Bulb H1-20B20000K0001-017
H1 HID Bulb H1-30B30000K0001-018
H3 HID BulbH3-3B3000K0002-011
H3 HID BulbH3-43B4300K0002-012
H3 HID BulbH3-6B6000K0002-013
H3 HID BulbH3-8B8000K0002-014
H3 HID BulbH3-10B10000K0002-015
H3 HID BulbH3-12B12000K0002-016
H3 HID BulbH3-20B20000K0002-017
H3 HID BulbH3-30B30000K0002-018
H4 HID BulbH4-3B3000K0004-011
H4 HID BulbH4-43B4300K0004-012
H4 HID BulbH4-6B6000K0004-013
H4 HID BulbH4-8B8000K0004-014
H4 HID BulbH4-10B10000K0004-015
H4 HID BulbH4-12B12000K0004-016
H4 HID BulbH4-20B20000K0004-017
H4 HID BulbH4-30B30000K0004-018
H7 HID BulbH7-3B3000K0006-011
H7 HID BulbH7-43B4300K0006-012
H7 HID BulbH7-6B6000K0006-013
H7 HID BulbH7-8B8000K0006-014
H7 HID BulbH7-10B10000K0006-015
H7 HID BulbH7-12B12000K0006-016
H7 HID BulbH7-20B20000K0006-017
H7 HID BulbH7-30B30000K0006-018
H9 HID BulbH9-3B3000K0008-011
H9 HID BulbH9-43B4300K0008-012
H9 HID BulbH9-6B6000K0008-013
H9 HID BulbH9-8B8000K0008-014
H9 HID BulbH9-10B10000K0008-015
H9 HID BulbH9-12B12000K0008-016
H9 HID BulbH9-20B20000K0008-017
H9 HID BulbH9-30B30000K0008-018
H10 / 9145 HID BulbH10-3B3000K0010-011
H10 / 9145 HID BulbH10-43B4300K0010-012
H10 / 9145 HID BulbH10-6B6000K0010-013
H10 / 9145 HID BulbH10-8B8000K0010-014
H10 / 9145 HID BulbH10-10B10000K0010-015
H10 / 9145 HID BulbH10-12B12000K0010-016
H10 / 9145 HID BulbH10-20B20000K0010-017
H10 / 9145 HID BulbH10-30B30000K0010-018
H11 HID BulbH11-3B3000K0012-011
H11 HID BulbH11-43B4300K0012-012
H11 HID BulbH11-6B6000K0012-013
H11 HID BulbH11-8B8000K0012-014
H11 HID BulbH11-10B10000K0012-015
H11 HID BulbH11-12B12000K0012-016
H11 HID BulbH11-20B20000K0012-017
H11 HID BulbH11-30B30000K0012-018
H13 / 9008 HID BulbH13-3B30000K0014-011
H13 / 9008 HID BulbH13-43B4300K0014-012
H13 / 9008 HID BulbH13-6B6000K0014-013
H13 / 9008 HID BulbH13-8B80000K0014-014
H13 / 9008 HID BulbH13-10B10000K0014-015
H13 / 9008 HID BulbH13-12B12000K0014-016
H13 / 9008 HID BulbH13-20B20000K0014-017
H13 / 9008 HID BulbH13-30B30000K0014-018
880 HID Bulb880-3B3000K0016-011
880 HID Bulb880-43B4300K0016-012
880 HID Bulb880-6B6000K0016-013
880 HID Bulb880-8B8000K0016-014
880 HID Bulb880-10B10000K0016-015
880 HID Bulb880-12B12000K0016-016
880 HID Bulb880-20B20000K0016-017
880 HID Bulb880-30B30000K0016-018
9004 HID Bulb9004-3B3000K0018-011
9004 HID Bulb9004-43B4300K0018-012
9004 HID Bulb9004-6B6000K0018-013
9004 HID Bulb9004-8B8000K0018-014
9004 HID Bulb9004-10B10000K0018-015
9004 HID Bulb9004-12B12000K0018-016
9004 HID Bulb9004-20B20000K0018-017
9004 HID Bulb9004-30B30000K0018-018
9005 HID Bulb9005-3B3000K0020-011
9005 HID Bulb9005-43B4300K0020-012
9005 HID Bulb9005-6B6000K0020-013
9005 HID Bulb9005-8B8000K0020-014
9005 HID Bulb9005-10B10000K0020-015
9005 HID Bulb9005-12B12000K0020-016
9005 HID Bulb9005-20B20000K0020-017
9005 HID Bulb9005-30B30000K0020-018
9005XS HID Bulb9005XS-3B3000K0022-011
9005XS HID Bulb9005XS-43B4300K0022-012
9005XS HID Bulb9005XS-6B6000K0022-013
9005XS HID Bulb9005XS-8B8000K0022-014
9005XS HID Bulb9005XS-10B10000K0022-015
9005XS HID Bulb9005XS-12B12000K0022-016
9005XS HID Bulb9005XS-20B20000K0022-017
9005XS HID Bulb9005XS-30B30000K0022-018
9006 HID Bulb9006-3B3000K0024-011
9006 HID Bulb9006-43B4300K0024-012
9006 HID Bulb9006-6B6000K0024-013
9006 HID Bulb9006-8B8000K0024-014
9006 HID Bulb9006-10B10000K0024-015
9006 HID Bulb9006-12B12000K0024-016
9006 HID Bulb9006-20B20000K0024-017
9006 HID Bulb9006-30B30000K0024-018
9006XS HID Bulb9006XS-3B3000K0026-011
9006XS HID Bulb9006XS-43B4300K0026-012
9006XS HID Bulb9006XS-6B6000K0026-013
9006XS HID Bulb9006XS-8B8000K0026-014
9006XS HID Bulb9006XS-10B10000K0026-015
9006XS HID Bulb9006XS-12B12000K0026-016
9006XS HID Bulb9006XS-20B20000K0026-017
9006XS HID Bulb9006XS-30B30000K0026-018
9007 HID Bulb9007-3B3000K0028-011
9007 HID Bulb9007-43B4300K0028-012
9007 HID Bulb9007-6B6000K0028-013
9007 HID Bulb9007-8B8000K0028-014
9007 HID Bulb9007-10B10000K0028-015
9007 HID Bulb9007-12B12000K0028-016
9007 HID Bulb9007-20B20000K0028-017
9007 HID Bulb9007-30B30000K0028-018
5202 HID Bulb5202-43B4300K0061-012
5202 HID Bulb5202-6B6000K0061-013
5202 HID Bulb5202-8B8000K0061-014
5202 HID Bulb5202-10B8000K0061-015
5202 HID Bulb5202-12B6000K0061-016
5202 HID Bulb5202-20B10000K0061-017
5202 HID Bulb5202-30B30000K0061-018
P13 HID BulbP13-3B3000K0119-011
P13 HID BulbP13-43B4300K0119-012
P13 HID BulbP13-6B6000K0119-013
P13 HID BulbP13-8B8000K0119-014
P13 HID BulbP13-10B10000K0119-015
P13 HID BulbP13-12B12000K0119-016
9004 50W HID Bulb9004-6K6000K0044-013
9005 50W HID Bulb9005-6K6000K0045-013
9006 50W HID Bulb9006-6K6000K0046-013
9007 50W HID Bulb9007-6K6000K0047-013
H1 50W HID BulbH1-6K6000K0048-013
H3 50W HID BulbH3-6K6000K0049-013
H4 50W HID BulbH4-6K6000K0050-013
H7 50W HID BulbH7-6K6000K0051-013
H10 / 9145 50W HID BulbH10/9145-6K6000K0052-013
H11 50W HID BulbH11-6K6000K0064-013
H13 / 9008 50W HID BulbH13/9008-6K6000K0065-013
880 50W HID Bulb880-6K6000K0066-013
H4 BiXenon 50W HID BulbH4-BIX-6B6000K0121-013
H4 BiXenon 50W HID BulbH4-BIX-8B8000K0121-014
H4 BiXenon 50W HID BulbH4-BIX-10B10000K0121-015
H4 BiXenon 50W HID BulbH13-BIX-43K4300K0123-012
H13 BiXenon 50W HID BulbH13-BIX-6B6000K0123-013
H13 BiXenon 50W HID BulbH13-BIX-8B8000K0123-014
H13 BiXenon 50W HID BulbH13-BIX-10B10000K0123-015
H13 BiXenon 50W HID BulbH13-BIX-20B20000K0123-017
H13 BiXenon 50W HID BulbH13-BIX-30B30000K0123-018
9007 BiXenon 50W HID Bulb9007-BIX-6B6000K0125-013
9007 BiXenon 50W HID Bulb9007-BIX-8B8000K0125-014
9007 BiXenon 50W HID Bulb9007-BIX-10B10000K0125-015
9004 BiXenon 50W HID Bulb9004-BIX-6B6000K0127-013
9004 BiXenon 50W HID Bulb9004-BIX-8B8000K0127-014
D2R Factory HID BulbD2R-3KB3000K6201-011
D2R Factory HID BulbD2R-43KB4300K6201-012
D2R Factory HID BulbD2R-6KB6000K6201-013
D2R Factory HID BulbD2R-8KB8000K6201-014
D2R Factory HID BulbD2R-10KB10000K6201-015
D2R Factory HID BulbD2R-12KB12000K6201-016
D2S Factory HID BulbD2S-3KB3000K6202-011
D2S Factory HID BulbD2S-43KB4300K6202-012
D2S Factory HID BulbD2S-6KB6000K6202-013
D2S Factory HID BulbD2S-8KB8000K6202-014
D2S Factory HID BulbD2S-10KB10000K6202-015
D2S Factory HID BulbD2S-12KB12000K6202-016
D2C Factory HID BulbD2C-3KB3000K6203-011
D2C Factory HID BulbD2C-43KB4300K6203-012
D2C Factory HID BulbD2C-6KB6000K6203-013
D2C Factory HID BulbD2C-8KB8000K6203-014
D2C Factory HID BulbD2C-10KB10000K6203-015
D2C Factory HID BulbD2C-12KB12000K6203-016
D2C Factory HID BulbD2C-20KB20000K6203-017
D2C Factory HID BulbD2C-30KB30000K6203-018
D1R Factory HID BulbD1R-3KB3000K6204-011
D1R Factory HID BulbD1R-43KB4300K6204-012
D1R Factory HID BulbD1R-6KB6000K6204-013
D1R Factory HID BulbD1R-8KB8000K6204-014
D1R Factory HID BulbD1R-10KB10000K6204-015
D1R Factory HID BulbD1R-12KB12000K6204-016
D1S Factory HID BulbD1S-3KB3000K6205-011
D1S Factory HID BulbD1S-43KB4300K6205-012
D1S Factory HID BulbD1S-6KB6000K6205-013
D1S Factory HID BulbD1S-8KB8000K6205-014
D1S Factory HID BulbD1S-10K10000K6205-015
D1S Factory HID BulbD1S-12BK12000K6205-016
D1C Factory HID BulbD1C-3KB3000K6206-011
D1C Factory HID BulbD1C-43KB4300K6206-012
D1C Factory HID BulbD1C-6KB6000K6206-013
D1C Factory HID BulbD1C-8KB8000K6206-014
D1C Factory HID BulbD1C-10KB10000K6206-015
D1C Factory HID BulbD1C-12KB12000K6206-016
D1C Factory HID BulbD1C-20KB20000K6206-017
D3R Factory HID BulbD3R-43KB4300K6301-012
D3R Factory HID BulbD3R-6KB6000K6301-013
D3R Factory HID BulbD3R-8KB8000K6301-014
D3R Factory HID BulbD3R-10KB10000K6301-015
D3R Factory HID BulbD3R-12KB12000K6301-016
D3S Factory HID BulbD3S-43KB4300K6302-012
D3S Factory HID BulbD3S-6KB6000K6302-013
D3S Factory HID BulbD3S-8KB8000K6302-014
D3S Factory HID BulbD3S-10KB10000K6302-015
D3S Factory HID BulbD3S-12KB12000K6302-016
D3C Factory HID BulbD3C-43KB4300K6303-012
D3C Factory HID BulbD3C-6KB6000K6303-013
D3C Factory HID BulbD3C-8KB8000K6303-014
D3C Factory HID BulbD3C-10KB10000K6303-015
D3C Factory HID BulbD3C-12KB12000K6303-016
D4R Factory HID BulbD4R-43KB4300K6304-012
D4R Factory HID BulbD4R-6KB6000K6304-013
D4R Factory HID BulbD4R-8KB8000K6304-014
D4R Factory HID BulbD4R-10KB10000K6304-015
D4R Factory HID BulbD4R-12KB12000K6304-016
D4S Factory HID BulbD4S-43KB4300K6305-012
D4S Factory HID BulbD4S-6KB6000K6305-013
D4S Factory HID BulbD4S-8KB8000K6305-014
D4S Factory HID BulbD4S-10KB10000K6305-015
D4S Factory HID BulbD4S-12KB12000K6305-016
D4C Factory HID BulbD4C-43KB4300K6306-012
D4C Factory HID BulbD4C-6KB6000K6306-013
D4C Factory HID BulbD4C-8KB8000K6306-014
D4C Factory HID BulbD4C-10KB10000K6306-015
D4C Factory HID BulbD4C-12KB12000K6306-016

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