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LED Cans & Fixtures
Perfect for new construction or renovations these complete LED fixtures offer all the advantages of a retrofit without having to spend the additional money on cans or ceiling fixtures. We offer dozens of sizes to fit any application. 
LED Flood & Security Lights
ORACLE LED High output flood lights for residential or commercial use. These indoor or outdoor flood lights are  composed of Bridgelux LED Technology.
LED High Bay Lighting ORACLE™ High bay Cree LED Light
LED High Bay Lighting is necessary in wide spaced warehouses, workshops or areas that require a wide coverage of Lightning. Highly powerful, energy efficient, and long lasting.
LED Scene Lights LED scene lights use Solid-State Lighting Technology to provide highly efficient and trouble-free lighting solutions in remote locations. Quickly deployed and easily stored, these Scene Lighting Systems brings on-demand lighting to your work area. 
LED Shop Lights
LED Shop lights have many advantages over traditional halogen work lights. The LED versions are 10x as efficient as halogen, this means a 30W LED light would be equivalent to a 300W Halogen, that is some serious energy savings! LED work lights also put out no heat which makes for a much more comfortable working environment. 
ORACLE Flashlights
ORACLE Flashlights are rugged, powerful, and compact. We offer an excellent selection of both LED and high powered HID flashlights. Click here to view the different models that we currently have available.  

ORACLE™ Flex Neon

ORACLE LED Flex Neon is a new alternative to standard glass neon. Utilizing advanced technology and material processing techniques, Flex Neon, can be cut to any length and be bent by hand to form any shape decreasing installation time substantially. 

ORACLE LED Globes are designed to replace all commonly used incandescent bulbs. These are energy saving affordable products that have a life expectancy of 50 years and are backed by a 3 Year Replacement Warranty.
ORACLE Marine Lighting

Our latest marine LED Spot & Spreader lights are sure to deliver the performance, reliability & longevity under any given weather condition. These lights have a wide variety of uses in the law enforcement, military, and industrial application fields. These lights produce a bright light output that has a 30,000 hour lifespan with low voltage and amp draw.

ORACLE Power Supplies
ORACLE Lighting provides Premium LED Drivers and Power Supplies in many different amperages and wattages. From indoor to exterior water-proof drivers, each driver meets or exceeds federal regulations for power supply adapters and are RoHS compliant, FCC, CE Certified, and cULus Classified.

ORACLE LED Tubes replace your common fluorescent light tubes and eliminate problematic ballasts. We offer a wide array of options and sizes to meet any light demands or budget. 
Smart Touch Dimmers & Remotes touch panel remotes and dimmers
ORACLE Smart Touch Dimmers & Remotes are Designed to deliver a Sophisticated & Modern look to any setting. Remotes and Dimmers are the perfect companion to LED Lighting. They feature ultra high precision touch sensors that accurately track your fingers movement for an accurate setting response.  



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