ORACLE Lighting Promotional Items

ORACLE Lighting Promotional Items

At ORACLE Lighting, we offer a variety of promotional items such as hats, t-shirts, lanyards, decals, folding chairs, drawstring bags, and of course the Official 2014 ORACLE Lighting Catalog for our dealers and customers. Wear with pride and stand out from the crowd! Contact your sales representative to place your order, or call us toll free at 1(800) 407-5776, our sales team is standing by.

Official ORACLE Lighting Trucker Hat
Part # 8048
Get your Official ORACLE Lighting Hat and show your support for the leading innovator in automotive lighting technology. One size fits all!

Official ORACLE Lighting T-Shirts
Part # 's (8027 - XS) (8028 - S) (8029 - M) (8030 - L) 
(8031 - XL) (8032- XXL)
The official t-shirt of the ORACLE Lighting crew! Comfort fitting and multiple sizes to fit any build. Don't be fooled by imitators, become a part of the ORACLE Lighting Team and dress in style!

Official ORACLE Lighting Folding Chair
Part # 8042
Perfect to have at any car show, meet, or event, the Official ORACLE Lighting Folding Chair is a must have for those times when you need to just relax while people admire your ride!

Official ORACLE Lighting LED Keychain Flashlight
Part # 8041
When you need a light and you don't have one readily available, or when finding that smartphone LED app is just too difficult, ORACLE has you covered with the LED Keychain Flashlight. Twist to turn on, twist to turn off. It is as simple as that!

Official ORACLE Edition Badge
Part #'s (8030 - Left Side) (8031 - Right Side)
Make your ride an Official ORACLE Edition with these 3M backed badges. Easily stick on and peel off with no permanent damage done to your paint! Each ORACLE Specific build has and ORACLE Edition Badge. Be official!

Official ORACLE Keychain Lanyard
Part # 8040
Official ORACLE Lighting Keychain Lanyard is perfect match with the ORACLE Lighting Keychain LED Flashlight. Attach those hot rod keys to one of these!

Official ORACLE Lighting Drawstring Bag
Part # 8047
The Official ORACLE Lighting Drawstring Bag is ideal for any small items that need to be brought along with you without carrying too much baggage. Features the signature ORACLE wing and a front pocket with zipper.

Official ORACLE Lighting Decals
Part #'s (8028 - Silver) (8029 - Black)
Need to slap a quick logo on your ride before a show? The ORACLE Lighting Decals are die-cut, easy to apply, and reflective. Show your pride!

Official ORACLE Lighting Authorized Dealer Bumper Decal Part #
Are you an Official Authorized Dealer for ORACLE Lighting Products? These Bumper Decals are only offered exclusively to our vendors!

Get your hands on the latest ORACLE Lighting Catalog. Featuring hundreds of our best selling and most innovative lighting products. The ORACLE Lighting Ultima GTR appears on this year edition.

ORACLE Lighting Special Edition Posters
Part # 8053 : Camaro Poster
Part # 8054 : Viper Poster
Part # 8055 : Lamborghini Poster
Part # 8056 : Ram Poster 
Get your hands on the latest ORACLE Lighting Special Edition Posters. These are perfect for any garage, shop, retail location, or even your bedroom! Each poster is 19" x 27". Posters will only be around for a limited time only!


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