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Behind the Scenes: 3D Scanning for Faster Prototyping at ORACLE Lighting

Behind the Scenes: 3D Scanning for Faster Prototyping at ORACLE Lighting

Our product development team is expanding capabilities and increasing the speed in which they develop and prototype new parts with several recent additions.

ORACLE Lighting has added equipment including a new 3D printer, a CNC waterjet, and most recently a new 3D scanning system.


“Adding precision scanning to our in-house resources allows us to quickly build the data we need and complete prototyping faster than before.” said Justin Hartenstein, director of product development. This new device is a hybrid scanner utilizing both LED and IR light technology, with a built-in color camera and large field of view, we can scan full-color high quality 3D data which is ready to use in minutes.


We started Oracle Design Lab with one goal in mind: Creating beautiful, practical designs for the people with specialized lighting needs. Over the past 20 years, we’ve gathered a group of detailed, passionate, and creative professionals who strive to bring the best results for any project.


Our wide selection of services mean that Oracle Design Lab is the one-stop-shop for all your lighting design needs. From the initial phone call and all the way through to the final product - we will work closely with you to deliver the results you are after. We believe our work should speak for itself - have a look at some of our projects


Does your company have an idea for a lighting product? ORACLE Design Lab specializes in designing and developing lighting products, large or small, across many different industries and applications. Be sure to check out to see the latest developments we are working on or to submit an inquiry for us to help develop your next idea.



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