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Do I Need ATV Insurance?

Do I Need ATV Insurance?

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Your immediate thought before or after purchasing an ATV should be, “Do I need ATV insurance?” The short answer is yes. Most motorized vehicles are high-risk and expensive, and ATVs are no different. While it is exciting to travel to isolated or hard-to-reach locations with an off-road vehicle, you also want to know that you and your ATV will be taken care of in case of an accident or other emergency. If you are asking “Do I need ATV insurance," the answer is yes, if you want to make sure you and your investment have proper coverage.

What is ATV insurance, and Why Do I Need it?

Like any other form of insurance, ATV insurance can help cover the costs of damages, accidents, thefts, or losses that occur to your all-terrain vehicle. Insurance coverage is highly encouraged for most major purchases, such as a house or vehicle. With today’s ATVs costing an average of $7,000, there’s a lot of incentive to protect your investment. ATV insurance is considered one of the necessary costs of owning these vehicles, as this insurance can help protect you, your ATV, and anyone else involved in an accident involving your ATV, depending on your level of coverage. Accidents can be harsh on the wallet, so ATV insurance can cover some, if not all, of the costs for repairing your vehicle, medical bills, or legal fees related to an incident. 

Does My State Require ATV Insurance?

Some states require you to have insurance just to drive an ATV, or even operate it only on your own land. Several states have age limits for who can use the ATV unsupervised. Many require insurance coverage if you plan on driving on public land such as state parks. Some states even have rules against ATVs going on paved roads! Make sure to know where you'll be driving your ATV before purchasing, and make sure to brush up on the ATV laws in your state while doing your research.

Location is one of the best places to start your search for coverage. If you are undecided whether to invest your money in a policy, the place you live will have some much-needed insight. While some states don’t require you to have insurance to drive ATVs, lacking coverage could lead to a tough financial spot if you or a loved one got into an accident.

Types of ATV Insurance

While it has the same framework as auto insurance, ATV insurance has different rules. While they are also wheeled vehicles, ATVs are not covered by most traditional car insurance policies. Here are the different forms of insurance coverage you can use to protect you and your ATV:


This covers the costs of injuries or property damage that you’d be legally responsible for in the case of an accident you caused. This also can cover legal fees in the case of a lawsuit.


This covers the structural damages to your vehicle in the event of a crash where only the vehicle is damaged, like if you were driving and hit a rock, tree, or other large obtrusive objects. 


An optional fee that can cover your vehicle in the case it is damaged by an event like fire, vandalism, or extreme weather. It can also be used to replace your vehicle if for any reason it gets stolen. 

Uninsured Motorist

Not everyone has the forethought to get insurance before going out on the road. This is another optional amount that can protect you in case another vehicle causes an accident, and does not have insurance themselves, and thus cannot pay damages. This makes sure that you won’t be punished for another person’s carelessness.

Where Can I Get ATV Insurance?

While there are companies that specialize in ATV insurance, most big-name insurers have branched out to cover all-terrain vehicles in their policies. ATV insurance plans can usually be bundled with other types of insurance to save money. Some of the biggest providers of ATV insurance include:


    Most of these policies offer ATV insurance to any vehicle meeting the ATV Standard. Many smaller insurance providers are beginning to offer ATV insurance in their plans too, so it’s important to shop around and see what’s right for you!

    How Much Does ATV Insurance Cost?

    Since so many factors go into calculating  insurance costs, it is hard to come up with an average cost for ATV insurance. Your insurance carrier will work with you to determine the cost of your insurance by looking at your driving history, your age, your driving experience, your accidents and claims, and your vehicle type. The way you plan to use your ATV and how often you drive it will also be factored in. Also, be honest with your provider about who else will have access to the vehicle. After these factors are collected, you will have a base price of coverage. 

    If the price seems daunting, have no fear! You may also be eligible for discounts depending on the number of vehicles you intend to cover, your experience with ATVs, and your vehicle's anti-theft features. After calculating these costs together, each insurer will have a different set of plans for you to choose from and will assist you in finding the best plan to suit your individual needs. 

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