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Galpin Uses Oracle Flush LED Tail Lights for Heritage-Inspired Bronco

Galpin Uses Oracle Flush LED Tail Lights for Heritage-Inspired Bronco

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Galpin Auto Sports and Fifteen52 Off-Road created a better Heritage Bronco than Ford did using a mix of real reproduction parts and custom touches.


Ford knew that a heritage look would be killer on the new Bronco off-road SUV, but we wonder if they actually went far enough or used the right retro parts. Now, after looking at what Fifteen52 Off-Road and Galpin Auto Sports just pulled off, we think that this is the better Heritage Edition Bronco. Classic details, reproduction parts, and little custom touches really make this new-school Buckin' Bronc' look way more old-school.


The first thing that grabs your attention is that Wimbledon White retro grille. While a standard aftermarket grille that would have captured the looks of the first generation Bronco just fine, Galpin went one step further by installing a set of 1960s Ford Bronco "Ford" grille logo on top of this custom painted piece. This really begins to capture the history of the Bronco much better than Ford's factory Heritage Edition grille does. Then you add in the Eruption Green paint surrounding the shell and the amber turn signal lights, that's when it really feels like an old-school Bronco.


As you move towards the hood, you notice that something is different, but can't quite put your finger on it. That's because the trail sights have been "deleted," replaced by body-colored panels. You'll then see that the mirrors and door handles are also finished in the same Eruption Green as the rest of the body, well save for one massive part: the Wimbledon White colored Hard Top. That's not before you realize that the side emblems are another retro part with "Bronco" in a chrome script and "Sport" with the bucking bronco molding surrounded in red.


The classic pinstripe and the "Ford" logo on the rear tailgate are also unique, but not for the reason you might be thinking of. You'll find Wimbledon White paint all day long for any automotive paint supplier, but if you go looking for it from any vinyl company, you'll only find white colors that are close. Close, but not perfect and why Paco was hired to paint the vinyl stripes and "Ford" tailgate logo in that sought after Ford factory color. To finish off the rear and give this Bronco both a classic and modern look, a set of Oracle Flush LED Tail Lights were installed and really changed the character of the Bronco from a Jeep-like look to something you'd expect out of the Ford factory in 1969. It's something we think Ford should consider for the next factory update to the Bronco.


We did leave the best detail for last and it's those Fifteen52 Off-Road Analog wheels. These wheels just give off an old-school steel wagon wheel look, but are actually a set of modern 16-inch wheels in aluminum and a reinforced flange. To make them feel like they are straight out of the Ford factory from the 1960s, the Analog wheels are finished in Wimbledon White.


The wheels are also sized for a modern off-road build in 16x7.5 with a zero offset and wrapped in Yokohama Geolandar A/T GO15 tires in LT285/75R16. The wheels mounted to the hubs also feature another retro part. Instead of the center cap embossed with the Fifteen52 logo, a set of reproduction center hub caps (an item usually found on only the rear hub caps of the 1967-1977 Ford Bronco) replace them and seal the deal on this being the Heritage Edition Bronco that Ford should have built from the start.

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