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How ORACLE’s High Voltage LED Strip Lights Can Be Used

How ORACLE’s High Voltage LED Strip Lights Can Be Used

high voltage led strip lights

High voltage LED strip lights can be a DIY enthusiast’s dream come true. They can easily transform the look of a car, boat, or motorcycle, and can enhance your home or office’s ambiance with the touch of a button. ORACLE’s LED strips are available in single color or ColorSHIFT options, allowing you to truly customize anything with lights.

Read on to learn about the features and uses of these incredibly versatile lights and how they can enhance your home or vehicle.

Features of High Voltage LED Strip Lights

ORACLE Lighting’s high voltage LED strip lights are incredibly popular thanks to their affordability and versatility. Some of the features of these incredible lights are:

50,000 Hour Lifespan. ORACLE’s high voltage LED strip lights are engineered to last up to 50,000 hours, ensuring that your vehicle always looks its best. That’s over 5 years of continuous use! 

3M Adhesive Backing. This backing ensures a firm hold for any lighting project you can dream up.

Low Power Consumption. They won’t put a strain on your vehicle’s battery and won’t add to your electric bill with indoor use.

IP67 Waterproof Rating. This means that they can be dropped into water up to a meter deep for 30 minutes and still be functional, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Can Be Cut Down To Any Size. ORACLE’s LED strip lights come in a variety of lengths but can be easily customized by our technicians to the size you need, with no effect on functionality.

1 Year Warranty. ORACLE Lighting guarantees their LED strip lights for 1 year. We have our full warranty policy available online for easy reference.


Oracle Lighting LED Strip Overview from ORACLE Lighting on Vimeo.


Where Can High Voltage LED Strip Lights Be Installed

The true advantage of ORACLE’s Flexible LED strip lighting is that they can be installed nearly anywhere. We’ve created some pre-sized kits to assist with popular installations that really make vehicles stand out in a crowd.

Car Interior. ORACLE has bundled two 15 inch strips of LED lights to brighten up your car’s interior. Install these in the footwell near the gas pedal to give your space some style.

Behind The Grill or Trunk. Our pack of 36” strip is ideal for illuminating the area behind your car’s grill or inside the trunk for a custom look that provides ambient light to a large area.

Engine Bay. ORACLE has put together a kit of standardized LED strip lights that will light up your car’s engine bay. Two strips of 3 foot LEDs and two strips of 4 foot LEDs are included that should fit most vehicles, so you can show off your engine in style. The heat of the engine won’t damage the lights either; they’re encased in high-grade silicone instead of epoxy, and won’t yellow or fade over time.

Vehicle Underbody. This specially designed kit includes two 4 foot strips and two 6 foot strips and will make your car look as though it is floating above the street. If you opt for color shifting lights instead of single color, you’ll have the option to control the colors from an app on your phone with one of our smart controllers.

Sound Systems. Your custom sound system should look as amazing as it sounds. ORACLE’s LED lights can be cut to any length for a truly custom installation. 

Marine Use. Illuminate the edges of your boat with these LED lights to make it stand out at the marina and on the water. These waterproof lights are an incredible custom addition.

Motorcycles. Cars aren’t the only vehicles to benefit from underbody lighting. Motorcycles with custom lighting can look truly amazing. Strong adhesive and heat proof silicone ensure that they’ll stay put and won’t fade while on the road.

In Your Home or Office. ORACLE’s high voltage LED strip lights look great in your car, but can also enhance your home media center, kitchen cabinetry, or really anywhere that needs a unique lighting solution.

ORACLE Lighting’s High Voltage LED Strip Lights Have Many Uses

Individual lighting elements can make or break your car’s look. High voltage LED strip lights are one of the best ways to freshen up your car’s appearance thanks to their versatility and functionality.

ORACLE Lighting is a world-renowned automotive lighting company with custom LED lighting solutions for your car, truck, or Jeep. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and most innovative lighting products.

Browse our supply of automotive lighting and upgrade your ride today.
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