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How Are Car Shows Judged?

How Are Car Shows Judged?

Since Americans first started buying cars, they've been showing them off. Car shows have a storied tradition among automobile enthusiasts. To this day, there's no shortage of people looking to show off their rides. Of course, it's not just about showing off. It's also about competing to see who can do the best job of expressing themselves. For people who are interested in getting into the world of car shows, understanding how the vehicles are judged is the key to taking home a prize.

Participant-judged Car Shows A car with its hood open at a car show

Participant-judged car shows tend to be more casual and less focused on the technical aspects of the vehicle. When the car show crowd is the one doing the judging, they tend to focus on the overall look. Contestants can get a leg up by making sure each element pops. Using mirrors to highlight the engine bay or undercarriage, having a display listing the vehicle's impressive specs, and any other eye-catching extras are a great way to pick up points in these types of shows.

Professional-level Car Shows

Pro-level car shows are judged in a much more rigid and meticulous manner. Judges will generally be given a point-by-point rubric from the show's organizers that details exactly how many points should be awarded for specific features of the vehicle. An easy way to lose points is not detailing the car before the show. Other than that, judges are looking for original parts, professional-level bodywork, and a clean, fresh paint job.

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