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How to Build a Batmobile Replica with 8 ORACLE Lighting Products

How to Build a Batmobile Replica with 8 ORACLE Lighting Products

The hood of a black sportscar is open showing how to build a Batmobile replica

Have you ever wondered how to build a Batmobile replica by yourself? Thanks to ORACLE Lighting’s easy-to-install custom auto lighting products, you can trick your car out to be the coolest ride in Gotham City. Keep reading to learn what eight ORACLE products can make your Batmobile dreams come to life:

How to Build a Batmobile Replica with Exterior Auto Lighting

Newer Batmobile models (as seen in Suicide Squad or The Dark Knight trilogy films) are practically half-tank, half-sportscar. ORACLE Lighting’s exterior lighting tools are just what you need to blend the tough and futuristic elements that make the Dark Knight’s iconic ride so memorable. 

1. Halo Light Kits

    The first step in any “how to build a Batmobile replica” guide should be to add halo LED lights to your factory headlights. Thankfully, ORACLE’s Premium LED Halo Kits can easily transform the appearance of your ride. With our wide selection of halo kits for 52 manufacturers, halo lights are a simple way to get started on your car’s Batmobile transformation. 

    2. Off-Road HID Lights

    ORACLE’s Off-Road HID Lights can add some additional toughness to your new Batmobile. These xenon spotlights and floodlights can sustain impacts and vibration better than either halogen or incandescent lights, making them a great choice for a Batmobile that needs to go off-road. ORACLE offers HID spotlight applications at 35W, 55W, and 75W, as well as flood lights at 35W.

    3. Dark Knight GOBO LED Door Light Projector

    The ultimate tool for your Batmobile replica has to be the Dark Knight ORACLE GOBO LED Door Light Projector. With this one-of-a-kind puddle light projection, you can have the iconic Bat Signal logo shining onto the street whenever you open the doors to your Batmobile. Hook up the Dark Knight Door Light Projector directly to your car door’s wiring for a Batmobile replica that goes the extra mile.

    4. ColorSHIFT Projector Demon Eye Headlights

    ORACLE’s ColorSHIFT Projector Demon Eye Headlights can illuminate or add backlighting to your projector headlights or backlights. We also offer custom logo etching for these projector lenses, giving you even more customization options. This custom etching option could be an easy and cool way to mimic the Bat Signal on your Batmobile replica.

    How to Build a Batmobile Replica with Interior Auto Lighting

    How to build a Batmobile replica relies on every detail of your car, both inside and out. Check out the best interior lighting tools from ORACLE to get your Batmobile looking fresh. 

    5. LED ColorSHIFT Fiber Optic Dash Kit

    With ORACLE Lighting’s LED ColorSHIFT Fiber Optic Dash Kit, you can make your dashboard light up in any color of your choosing. Our ColorSHIFT technology also lets you set the brightness of your dash lights and add lighting effects (like strobe lights or color transitions) too. This dash kit can give your car’s interior the futuristic vibe that every Batmobile model has. And the fiber optic cable’s integrated edge makes installation simple. If you’d prefer a more simple dash lighting kit, you can also check out our Single Color LED Fiber Optic Dash Kit to get a clean interior look at a lower price point.

    6. Ambient LED Lighting Footwell Kit

    Footwell lighting adds a cool, dramatic effect to your ride’s interior from the moment you open the doors. The ORACLE Ambient LED Lighting Footwell Kit comes with everything you need to get an interior lighting effect that will make your Batmobile stand out. The set includes (2) 15-inch waterproof LED strips that can be cut into smaller sizes, depending on your car’s footwell measurements. This footwell kit can also be paired with our ColorSHIFT Remote Controller, making color customization easy.    

    Additional Attachments For Your Batmobile Replica

    Want even more add-ons to make your Batmobile replica one to remember? Check out these other lighting options from ORACLE that can complete your next Batmobile project.

    7. ORACLE’s Vector Grill Series

    Who said your Batmoblie replica had to be a coupe or sports car? For Batman buffs who want to transform their Jeep Wrangler JK, JL, or JT into the ultimate Batmobile, the award-winning Vector Grill Series from ORACLE is exactly the add-on you need. These replacement grills include integrated LED light emitters for low beam, high beam, and even Dynamic LED DRL. The Demon Eye ColorSHIFT Projector Conversion Kit can take your Vector Grill to the next level.

    8. Illuminated Factory Emblems

    Want your car emblem to light up like the bat signal in the sky? ORACLE currently has Illuminated Factory Emblems for Chrysler and Chevy models, including the Corvette C6 and C7 generation models. And with the Dual Intensity Option, the illuminated emblem can also operate as an additional brake light. 

    Need More Batmobile Replica Inspiration? Check Out ORACLE’s Full Line of Lighting Products Today

    For over two decades, ORACLE Lighting has specialized in making custom lighting products that will make your ride stand out in the crowd. For any installation help you may need, we offer free product installation guides on our website. Contact us online or call us at 504-835-0055 to talk with one of our automotive lighting experts.
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