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Introducing The Bulb Guide: An Easy-to-Use Bulb Finder from ORACLE Lighting

Introducing The Bulb Guide: An Easy-to-Use Bulb Finder from ORACLE Lighting

Want new, brighter bulbs but tired of the endless searching for the type you need? Gone are the days of struggling through conflicting information, asking yourself, "What bulbs do I need?!" Oracle Lighting is proud to announce the launch of! Now live, the online database is a tool for customers and dealers to find the right type of automotive bulb for their vehicle and easily click to shop for what they need.

“Finding the right bulb has been a big complaint from both customers shopping for and dealers carrying bulbs, so we are excited that it will be a popular addition to our online offering,” said Justin Hartenstein, Oracle Lighting director of product development. “We have heard for years that so many customers and dealers often encounter conflicting information when browsing across different websites. The fast and correct answers are now at everyone’s fingertips as is attached to our site The easy-to-use database allows anyone to quickly find the exact bulb needed for any vehicle.”
The Bulb Guide is backed by expert research to ensure consumers and dealers have a consistent, correct answer with every search. Users simply search by year, make, and model from the drop-down menu, and then click through to the product pages where they’ll find more information on the technology and installation. Or if you know which one you need already, browse by type to see all options.
“We really have made it that simple for the consumer and dealer,” added Hartenstein. “Never fret again that you can’t find or may have chosen the wrong product for your vehicle.”

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