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Kick it with the Comanche Taillights

Kick it with the Comanche Taillights

We are almost hesitant to write this post as the 1986-92 Jeep Comanche MJ is truly a hidden gem. Heavily based on the extremely popular Cherokee XJ, the Comanche was Jeep’s answer to the popular compact trucks of the era. It shared the same venerable 4.0L inline-six engine with the Cherokee that ran forever, along with much of its rugged drivetrain. The Comanche also used the same squishy Quadralink front coil-sprung suspension found on the XJ, but with longer rear leaf springs for increased load capacity. Key differences included the odd “Uniframe,” which mated the front unibody construction of the Cherokee with a conventional frame behind the cab. And, of course, the MJ had either a six-foot or lengthy seven-foot-long bed to haul whatever you wanted.

Like its XJ counterpart, the Comanche is tough, fairly reliable and easy to build. It can also be made surprisingly capable without breaking the bank. Comanches can shock many people out on the trail with a simple lift, better tires and some lunchbox lockers. Of course, you can always dump serious money into a Comanche to radically expand its performance envelope. We have seen drool-worthy Comanches race the Baja 1000 and take on some of the most challenging trails in the country. It is a highly versatile platform with many options to build it however you want. And, with their under-the-radar status, used Comanches haven’t seriously exploded in price either, like some 4x4s.

Here at Oracle Lighting, we dig the MJ and have just released our new Jeep Comanche LED Taillights. Sure, their introduction might not break any sales volume records, but supporting a great vehicle and its owners is important. “The Comanche may be an uncommon Jeep model, but the owners of this rather obscure platform are true enthusiasts. ORACLE Lighting is built by enthusiasts, and we want to continue to build products that support our fellow Jeep owners even if the potential market size is limited,” explains Oracle Lighting Founder and Director of Product Development Justin Hartenstein. “This product brings modern LED refinements and features to an older model that has no real support in the aftermarket lighting space.”

Our new Oracle Lighting Jeep Comanche LED Taillights blend classic and rugged good looks with modern refinement. The stop, turn and parking lights are entirely LED, increasing visibility and safety with a significant increase in brightness over the originals. Another major upgrade over the dim halogen stockers are the LED reverse lights. Featuring six high-powered LEDs, the reverse light modules produce over 1,000 lumens of illumination. Their mixed beam reflectors spread light wide and far, drastically improving vision while reversing at night. Two options are available, with the standard version offering an updated OE-style appearance and the tinted lens option for those seeking a more aggressive and blacked-out look. Jeep Comanche owners finally have a high-quality LED taillight solution that increases visibility, style and safety.


Check out our installation video as we walk through the process of upgrading the Comanche’s taillights.

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