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ORACLE Lighting designs featured on newly released Ultima RS.

ORACLE Lighting designs featured on newly released Ultima RS.

“The new Ultima RS is one of the most exciting cars recently released,” said Justin Hartenstein, Director of Product Development at Oracle Lighting and ORACLE Lighting Technologies. “We worked with Ultima to present a modern look to the still classic design for the new RS version of the classic Ultima Supercar. The result is an absolutely incredible vehicle with performance and aesthetics second-to-none. We are very proud to have been a part of this redesign.”

This is not Oracle’s first project with Ultima Sports Ltd., as Oracle Lighting’s own customized Ultima GTR was built and displayed at the SEMA Show in 2014, which garnered a tremendous amount of attention during the event.

ORACLE Lighting was tasked with developing a LED lighting system for both the headlights and tail lights which evoke the technological leap that the Ultima RS represents. “We developed a signature headlight and tail light accent which gave this very sleek car a personality if its own,” Hartenstein added. “The headlights are the eyes of the car. When you look at a car it is important that the headlights are not only functional but intriguing, and that is an important part of the consumer’s first impression of the new vehicle design.”  

Richard Marlow, Director, Ultima Sports Ltd.: “Ultima Sports Ltd. has pushed the Ultima legacy to its highest point ever with the launch of the new Ultima RS. We worked very closely with Oracle Lighting on the initial prototype design and development of our new Ultima RS bespoke lighting solution. We are delighted with the performance and visual appeal of the production pieces which have been praised by enthusiasts around the world since public release.”

The Ultima RS is the most thorough and comprehensive revision of the road legal Ultima supercar ever to be released. The commandingly aggressive stance with its muscular and timeless Group C Le Mans inspired lines to the extensive use of carbon fibre, the new Ultima RS was designed with one purpose in mind: performance. From the stunningly crafted roof scoop, carbon-fibre side splitters and sculpted front splitter which both feature intelligently integrated vortex generators, to the new swan neck top mounted full width carbon fibre rear wing option – each is meticulously crafted to reduce weight. Their shapes are every bit as functional as they are stunning and each has been honed to perfection as a result of extensive testing in MIRA’s full size wind tunnel.

“The Ultima RS is great example of our OEM lighting development capabilities,” Hartenstein continued. “ORACLE Lighting works with OE vehicle manufacturers and designers around the world developing lighting systems for numerous types of LED lighting applications.”

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