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Product Spotlight: Oracle 9012 4,000+ Lumen LED Headlight Bulbs

Product Spotlight: Oracle 9012 4,000+ Lumen LED Headlight Bulbs

The Oracle 9012 4,000+ Lumen LED Headlight Bulbs were released in 2017 to increase drivers’ nighttime visibility while decreasing the strain on their batteries. Here’s why these new LED headlights are so popular with drivers.

Brighter Lights With Less Battery Usage 

Oracle 9012 4,000+ Lumen LED Headlight Bulbs

Drivers looking for increased lumen output will find it with the Oracle 9012s. Their 4,000 Lm output outshines competing models, such as the GTR Ultra Series, which has a maximum brightness of about 3,700 Lm. 4,000 Lm is the minimum for Oracle's LED bulbs; their top level of output is 6,000 Lm.

Unlike many bulbs, their high output doesn’t strain the car's battery. The Oracle 9012s use extremely reliable Philips Luxeon ZES chips, which cool quickly and ensure that the bulbs draw less than half of the power used by factory headlights. The 9012 LED bulbs reach full brightness immediately after start-up without a high-draw ignition or a relay harness.

Exceptional Performance

The Oracle 9012s use internal components designed by Samsung, so they're built to last. They're also designed to operate seamlessly, avoiding flickering, flashing, and similar problems commonly experienced with other types of bulbs. They produce a luminous and compliant 6,000k pure white color. As always, Oracle Lighting uses advanced technology to bring drivers improved nighttime safety and exceptional performance.

Quality Backed by Oracle Lighting
All orders of Oracle's 9012 LED Headlight Bulbs also include two connectors, two compact LED drivers, and an adjustable heat sink, which makes the installation process easier and allows for reverse and custom mounting. All of our LED headlight bulbs are crafted with cutting-edge technology and come with a two-year warranty. Find them at a location near you, or learn more by calling Oracle Lighting toll-free at (800) 407-5776 or at (504) 835-0055 if you're in the New Orleans area.
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