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A trade show floor gives a preview of what SEMA car show 2020 would look like

What’s in Store for the SEMA Car Show 2020?

Originally, the SEMA Car Show 2020 was scheduled for November 3–6, 2020, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Due to public health concerns, the SEMA Car Show 2020 has been retooled into an online marketplace and networking event, SEMA360, taking place November 2-6, 2020. 

The SEMA Car Show is traditionally one of the top-tier automotive trade events that promotes specialty products from around the world. Exhibitors from all areas of the automotive industry gather to share their expertise and products. Visitors are encouraged to visit all twelve sections of the event to make sure they see what’s going on in all branches of the industry. Plus, every year the show has a new product showcase that features thousands of new automotive tools, parts, and accessories. 

Drawing on the sharpest minds, the newest products, and tens of thousands of buyers, the SEMA Car Show 2020, like in past years, would have brought the good times under one roof. All attendees would have been invited and encouraged to attend product demonstrations, educational seminars, networking opportunities, special events, and more. However, since the in-person SEMA Car Show 2020 was replaced by the SEMA360 event, manufacturers, buyers, and media will still connect, albeit differently, about innovative products and brands in a trade setting.

SEMA car show 2020

How Does The SEMA Car Show 2020 Compare With SEMA360?

Normally, the SEMA Car Show 2020 would feature seemingly endless opportunities for attendees. Manufacturers and buyers typically get the chance to network, learn, and see new products and vehicles for the first time. Buyers and sellers can get a leg up on the competition by buying products that no one else has.

These opportunities still exist within SEMA360, only in a streamlined online marketplace. Industry leaders and professionals have the opportunity to create a straightforward brand presence that speaks directly to interested buyers, both local and international.


Traditionally, the SEMA Car Show 2020 would be an excellent place to network with industry leaders and professionals. Plus, every year the show has had guest celebrity appearances. In past years, Jay Leno, Neil Young, and John and Ashley Force have entertained and brought their own automotive knowledge to the event. 

This year, instead of a traditional trade show experience, SEMA360 will feature video meetings, both one-on-ones and roundtables, to allow for shared screens, chatting, and collaboration with manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, and the media. These connections, made away from the madness of a trade show floor, will be both more personal and more meaningful.

Because of the global audience, the show has been the perfect place to network with international attendees, which can lead to an uptick in your profits and the diversification of your business. With SEMA360, the online aspect allows for more direct communication between manufacturers and attendees, which can lead to more overall sales, both locally and worldwide.


The SEMA Car Show brings with it a long history of the show’s dedication to advancing industry members through education. With over 100 professional development seminars, the SEMA Car Show 2020 would have featured an incredible selection of industry and business leaders and thinkers.

Thankfully, the online SEMA360 Show will feature 30 educational sessions that focus on professional development and new strategies. These sessions will feature educational moments from industry experts that highlight staff skill sets and practical knowledge. In these seminars, attendees learn about innovative ideas and products and are encouraged to brainstorm their own ideas and learn about the evolving business landscape. Combining practical and progressive knowledge, the ideas explored in these spaces are a source of inspiration for individuals and businesses so that they can be prepared for opportunities when they are presented. 

See New Products

For buyers looking to stay on top of the newest trends and products, the SEMA Car Show is an amazing resource, and the SEMA360 promises to be just as inspiring. Over 3,000 of the newest products will be displayed online in Manufacturer Showcases, which highlight images, videos, and descriptions of the most popular automotive products - many with special pricing. From accessories to entire vehicles, these featured products will take your automotive business to the next level. 

See New Cars and Trends

One of the biggest draws to the Show has been the brand new vehicles, bright and shining and unlike most vehicles before them. While the SEMA Car Show 2020 would have featured 1500 vehicles around the convention center, the SEMA360 show will allow vendors to feature those same cars and trends on their online Manufacturer Showcases.

What’s more, vendors and manufacturers will be able to showcase more of their products in vehicle builds online - allowing buyers to see more products in more configurations, which will allow for more informed purchases and decision-making.

The latest trends and newest technologies in the automotive industry will be on display at the SEMA360 show.

What’s in Store for the SEMA360 Show? Get a Sneak Peak at ORACLE Lighting 

If you’re excited about the newest trends and vehicles in the automotive industry, you don’t have to wait until the SEMA360 show. For the past twenty years, ORACLE Lighting has designed innovative products and technologies for the automotive, power sports, and motorcycle industries. 

So, if you can’t wait to see cutting edge products or learn about the newest technologies, contact ORACLE Lighting today!

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