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Testing: LED Reverse Lights for Wrangler JL

Testing: LED Reverse Lights for Wrangler JL

A common complaint we hear from JL owners is low visibility when backing up at night. There is not enough light from the reverse lights (even on the LED tail lights) for the factory camera to work well in the dark. To correct this problem we have developed an integrated supplemental bumper light. 

This is a light tunnel we normally use for testing headlight output but it serves a purpose for testing reverse lights as well. The test was set up to measure Lux from 5' this is much shorter distance than we normally measure headlights but reverse lights have different optics which spread light in a wider pattern so this range gave best results for accurate readings. We tested the factory halogen reverse light, factory LED revere light, and the new LED bumper light.



On the opposite wall we have a Lux meter set up to measure the brightness of each light. The Lux meter is set to Max to record the highest reading the and lamp is articulated back and forth then up and down to read the hottest part of the projection.


First up the factory Halogen light- Brightness of 6 Lux Max.

Next up the factory LED Tail light- Brightness of 7 Lux Max.

Last up is the new LED Bumper Light Prototype- Brightness of 122 Lux Max.
For the LED tail lights the colors are close since they are both neutral color LEDs. For the halogen tail lights the halogen bulb looks yellow and dingy when compared to the LED but we do have a solution for that. We offer a LED bulb upgrade for the halogen tail lights that matches and we will have a package for the group buy to get a discount on both of you want to upgrade your halogen bulbs to LED at the same time.


Here is the same tail light with the ORACLE 5133-001 LED bulb installed:

The 5133-001 LED Replacement Bulbs actually make the factory tail lights brighter than the factory LED reverse lights.
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