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An ORACLE Lighting product as an example of our many useful gifts for college students

Useful Gifts for College Students: Make Their Car Safer and More Fun!

To give your child or grandchild the best start at college this fall, you’re probably searching for useful gifts for college students. Once they've got everything on the standard college packing list, from a comforter to a coffee maker, what can you get them that they don’t already have? If your student brings a car to college, they may end up driving themselves (and their friends) more than ever before, whether on road trips or simply going to the grocery store. You want your student to stay safe and have fun, so consider easy-to-install lighting products that help them see and be seen when driving at night or in difficult conditions. ORACLE Lighting’s automotive accessories make great back to school gifts for students because college students love their cool aesthetic, and their families can rest easier knowing their vehicles have improved visibility. 

How to Find Unique Back To School Gifts for Students

ORACLE Lighting designs and sells automotive lighting products and other accessories that offer quality and easy installation. Our products keep your student’s vehicle looking good and can even enhance their safety, whether they drive a car, truck, SUV, or ATV!

Gifts to Keep Your Student Safe at Night

Visibility is critical for safety when driving in a variety of conditions, including low-light and rain. If your student drives a vehicle that’s on the older side, it may have traditional halogen headlights rather than brighter options like LED or HID lights. Fortunately, ORACLE Lighting has LED Headlight Conversion Kits for a wide range of vehicles. These kits make it simple to convert your student’s halogen headlights to accommodate LED bulbs. Other benefits of LED lights include less power consumption, so this is definitely one of the most useful back to school gifts for students. You can also buy a Xenon HID conversion kit for an HID upgrade. 

Looking for useful gifts for college students who drive trucks? Consider ORACLE Lighting’s Double Row LED Tailgate Light Bar. The safety bonus here comes from the light bar’s ability to become both a large brake light and turn signals. This light bar comes with the hardware you need for simple installation of a light that will make your student’s truck more interesting looking and extra safe. 

Useful Gifts for College Students That Love Off-roading

If you have a college student who enjoys off-roading or wants to try it out as a new hobby at college, a whole other set of safety concerns come into play. While off-roading brings a new level of enjoyment of vehicles designed for it, beginners need to prepare to stay as safe as possible  in off-road conditions. Give your student a great start with ORACLE Lighting’s Underbody LED Rock Lights. These rock lights can help your student avoid obstacles that are low to the ground, such as rocks, potholes, or even just parking lot curbs.

ORACLE Lighting’s off-roading products include LED-illuminated side mirrors for extra light when driving in potentially dangerous off-roading conditions. These side mirrors are currently available for certain model years of the Ford F-150 and Jeep Wrangler JK, with wider availability coming soon for Jeeps and other Ford models. ORACLE Lighting carries a range of off-roading LED lighting products. For example, consider our LED Whips for another enhancement of the lighting of your student’s vehicle when off-roading. These LED whips can serve as safety and warning devices on off-roading vehicles including ATVs and UTVs. You can even choose ORACLE Lighting LED whips with our ColorSHIFTⓇ technology, allowing the student to switch these lights between a range of colors. 

Speaking of ATVs and UTVs, we also have a version of our popular LED wheel rings designed specifically for UTV, ATV, and SXS off-roading machines. Make off-roading safer for your college student while also adding to the look of your student’s vehicle with a gift of ORACLE Lighting’s off-roading products! 

Back To School Gifts For Students That Personalize Their Ride

For an exciting and fun gift, just the right automotive lighting accessory can be the personal touch that helps your student reflect their individuality. Our ColorSHIFTⓇ line of products allow your student to change their light colors to match their mood or show off their school spirit! For example, ORACLE Lighting offers halo kits that can give headlights a unique halo look and with the ColorSHIFTⓇ, plus white or amber, option they can easily change from street-legal colors like those to a rainbow of exciting shades to shine bright when parked. 

ORACLE Lighting GOBO projector car door lights are another way for students to show off their interests. These lights can project a custom image that you request, or you can select from among our existing designs, which include vehicle logos and pop culture icons. These lights also have the practical purpose of illuminating the ground so that when someone steps out of the vehicle, they will see any puddles and avoid stepping in them!

To really personalize your student’s vehicle, consider our Illuminated LED Letter Badges, which are available in white or amber. These letters have a unique glow and can be used to spell out your student’s initials, the initials of the university, or anything else you can imagine! The letters have an adhesive backing and wire into a 12V power source in the student’s vehicle. You can show how much you care about your student and give them a lasting memento as they travel to college with this personalized gift.

Find Useful Gifts for College Students with ORACLE Lighting

For over 20 years, ORACLE Lighting has proudly designed and sold innovative, impressive, and intuitive automotive products that light up your vehicle and show off your style. Our commitment to quality speaks for itself and our products install easily. If your college student wants to stand out on campus while also driving safely, try one of the many LED lighting products that we offer as useful gifts for college students. From off-roading to road trips to grocery runs, our products can go to college with students to keep them safe and happy in this exciting new chapter of their lives. 

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