ORACLE Jeep Wrangler JK/JL/JT High Performance 20W LED Fog Lights - Dynamic ColorSHIFT

  • $219.95

ORACLE Part# 5846-332 

A complete High-Powered LED Fog Light replacement for the Wrangler JK, Jeep Gladiator, and Wrangler JL Sahara vehicle applications. This direct-fit fog light features plug-and-play wiring for easy installation. These amazing LED units push out approximately 3000 raw lumens which is guaranteed to light up the night on road or off road! This rugged design can operate in the worst possible conditions. Each light utilizes a rugged Polycarbonate lamp housing to withstand impact and a Solid-State luminaire design for vibration resistance. The epoxy-sealed electronics avoid moisture and corrosion. Perfect for the off-road adventurer who wants to cover new ground on the trail that never ends.

Note* This item will only work with other Dynamic ColorSHIFT® Products.
This item will not work with normal ColorSHIFT® Products.

**Will not fit Sport JL models**
**These are to be used with ORACLE Part# 5769-332**


*Dynamic Bluetooth Controller not included with Fog light halos*

The new ORACLE Lighting Dynamic ColorSHIFT Halos feature individually addressable LEDs which pack a ton of unique features.. The Dynamic features allow the user to run multiple moving color patterns through the LEDs, creating a vivid eye-catching lighting effect.

App Control:
Through the App you can easily make standard white colors as well as any static colors using the LED color wheel. What makes these DYNAMIC halos more unique is that you can also display a variety of moving patterns within the app. With over 200 different patterns there is something to fit every color scheme you can imagine!


• Black Bezel Color
• Premium ORACLE Dynamic ColorSHIFT Halo Pre-installed
• Total 1,600 Lumens Light Output
• High Performance Phillips ZES™ 5W LEDs
• Horizontal and Vertical Adjustability
• Advanced Optics Design for Optimal Visibility
• Precision Beam "No Glare” Output
• Easy “Plug and Play” DIY Installation
• 2 Year Warranty

• Input Voltage of Light : 9-36V 
• Input Voltage of Halo: 12V
• Wattage: 20W 
• Raw Lumens: 3,000
• IP Rating: IP67
• Current Draw: 2.0 A @ 12V
• Uses H10/9145/5202 plug 

Latest Product Improvement: 
• Improvements in brightness and reliability by adding a constant current LED driver to the main circuit board inside of the lamp to control the halos.

• Increased Reliability- By conditioning the power going into the LEDs this prevents degradation which can shorten the overall lifespan of the product.

• Wider Input Voltage Range- The new SMD Halos can operate on a very wide voltage range from 12V-24V so that voltage spike can not damage the LEDs.

• Brighter/ More Even Light- by moving the heat load of the resistors off the PCB we are able to increase the number of LEDs on the circuit board without thermal issues.

 LED chips upgraded from a Cree LED to a Phillips Luxeon ZES chip.They deliver a very high efficacy 130LM/W ratio while having lower thermal output.  

(ORACLE Lighting authentication embossed on the inner lamp bezel) 

 Download the App: "RGB Lights" 



Download Install Guide

Install Instructions:

  1. Unbolt x4 7mm bolts holding OEM fog bracket
  2. Remove OEM fog assembly with bracket
  3. Bolt ORACLE fog assembly in using x4 7mm bolts
  4. Using the included H10 connector, tap the wires into:
    1. (LH - Driver) Red to White/Yellow – Black to Black
    2. (RH – Passenger) Red to White/Orange – Black to Black
  5. Halo wiring – White or Amber Halo
    1. Extend Blue wire to fuse panel (Use F52 for on/off with key) – Or existing headlight halo (+)
    2. Yellow wire to ground
  6. Halo Wiring – Red, Blue, & Green Halo
    1. Extend Blue wire to controller (+) or to toggle switch – Or existing headlight halo (+)
    2. Yellow wire to ground

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