ORACLE Lighting 2017-2020 Subaru BRZ Dynamic ColorSHIFT® Headlight DRL Upgrade - PRE-ORDER

  • $289.95

ORACLE Part # 1285-332

The new ORACLE Lighting Dynamic ColorSHIFT® Headlight DRL for the Subaru BRZ is the latest advancement in our expansive lighting modifications.

The Dynamic features allow the user to run multiple moving color patterns through the PCB, creating a vivid eye-catching lighting effect. Conveniently controlled through a free smartphone App, the system features over 200 pre-programmed moving patterns as well as static color control and white mode for normal street driving.

In addition to the pre-programmed features the user can also create custom designs through pixel editing in the app. This kit does not interfere with any of the factory headlight features including the factory DRL. Experience the complete ORACLE ColorSHIFT® experience while also adding true road functionality, your new Dynamic ColorSHIFT® DRL.

- Smartphone controllable
- Multiple moving color patterns
- 200 pre-programmed moving patterns
- Static color control

- Download "Magic LED" App from your App Store
- App Protocol: GRB > SK6812
- Headlight disassembly required. Professional installation recommended with our premium silicone sealant.
- White and amber are considered on-road legal colors. Other colors not intended for on-road use; please verify your state and local driving laws.

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