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ORACLE Lighting Oculus™ ColorSHIFT® Bi-LED Projector Headlights for 2021+ Ford Bronco

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  • ORACLE Part# 5886-BC2 

    The Popular Oculus™ Bi-LED Headlights by ORACLE Lighting are now available in a ColorSHIFT® RGB+W Color-Changing version. Oculus™ Headlights feature advanced focused LED projection that outshines all the competition (including the factory LED headlights). With 5,200 Lumens of high-quality Bi-LED projection, these headlights provide enhanced driver visibility in all weather conditions. Light focus is very important for driver safety and for others who can have their vision obstructed by glare. We are proud to offer the most focused & lowest-glare LED Headlights for the Bronco on the market.

    ColorSHIFT® Oculus™ Headlights feature 3-Tiered RGB features in the lamps:
    • Outer Halo Ring (RGB+W)
    • Inner Halo Ring (RGB)
    • Projector Demon Eye (RGB)

    The Bronco Oculus™ includes a single BC2 Controller, supporting simultaneous control across the three ColorSHIFT® Zones. 

    The Pure-White DRL has its own wiring harness (same as the original Oculus™) that connects to the fuse box with an add-a-circuit for easy and safe integration. The DRL will come on when the engine is running or can be connected to a switch (including the factory Aux switches) for additional user control.

  • Benefits:
    These all-new headlamps provide enhanced driver visibility with increased and focused LED light output. This complete headlight replacement features a high-precision sharp cut-off line which reduces glare and prevents blinding oncoming traffic even when installed on lifted Broncos. Package includes tool for easy beam angle adjustability. 

    Precision LED lighting projector for optimum light distribution and beam angle. Installs using original mounting hardware and headlight wiring is Plug & Play into the factory connector without additional relays or harnesses. Halo features over 200 bright LEDs for a vivid lighting impact.  

    Modular Design:
    The new modular design allows separate components (turn signal, marker lights, and mounting tabs) to be installed independently. This modular design provides smaller packaging size for lower shipping costs for the end user and prevents possible damage from shipping on these components. The modular design also allows for these individual components to be replaced or upgraded down the road when future options are available. 

    It is undeniably important to implement proper thermal management tools for high-performance LEDs to operate with reliability in various environments. Oculus™ utilizes both active and passive cooling methods to sustain low LED temperatures. Remote mounted heat sinks and an internal cooling fan work in conjunction to insure proper temperature control and longevity of the LEDs. 

    Light focus is very important for not only driver safety but others on the road who can potentially have their vision obstructed by glare. This is especially significant on lifted vehicles where the light source is raised and, in a position, to interfere with the field of vision of other drivers. These new Oculus™ headlights feature a very sharp cut-off line and focus light with precision specifically to avoid such issues. 

    Product Specifications:
    - Headlight Wattage: 36W Each
    - Total Lumens: 5200LM
    - Headlight Color Temp: 5500K (Pure White)
    - Certification: DOT SAE 5839-504 HL VOR 19
    - Patented Design: USPTO Patent D 877,404
    - Designed and Developed in the USA
    - Warranty: 2 Years

  • In the Box:
    - (2) ORACLE Lighting Oculus™ ColorSHIFT® Bi-LED Projector Headlights for 2021+ Ford Bronco
    - (1) ORACLE Lighting BC2-6 Bluetooth ColorSHIFT® RGB LED Controller 
    - Installation Hardware
    - Cables & Wiring Adapters
    - 2 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Ted Toratti
2023 Bronco with ColorSHIFT headlights

Excellent quality, easy install and great lighting upgrade. Great halo effects and very big upgrade to night driving with high and low beams. The auto highbeam works better than factory. Very happy with these lights. Easy to use controller and also a smartphone app that works as well. I highly recommend these for a lighting upgrade.

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