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Jeep Gladiator JT LED tail lights from Oracle Lighting


The existing taillights on the Gladiators can pose a problem when off-roading with how much they hang off the vehicle. Our flush tail light design is planned to solve this plus some cool features, and we have received a great response from excited Jeep owners on posts on forums/social media. 


The red lens will be responsible for displaying the LEDs as well as catering a side reflector. The lens should provide enough red lighting when facing the rear of the vehicle. For the high-powered reverse light, we are working for standard reverse functions with turn signal integration for a dual-function solution. The blank panel may be modular to be compatible with a rear sensor. Those without sensors could swap it out with future accessories such as (potentially) rear corner lights, strobe lights, rear fog lights, or a custom logo panel. We are working to make them compatible with rear cross-traffic sensor and swappable for Jeeps with factory LED or halogen. More details here.


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