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ORACLE Jeep Specific Install Guides

Install Guide PDFs

 Remote Grounding Troubleshooting

 1701 Single Channel Remote

 1704 Dual Channel Remote 

 1704 Dual Channel Remote

 1713 ColorShift Wireless Remote

 1706 2.0 Infrared Controller

 BC1 Controller Troubleshooting

 T3M Multi Zone Remote Control

 T3 Single Zone Remote Control

 9956 Wifi Controller


Install Guide Videos

5769 Installation Video:

5769J for JL Jeep:

5852 JL Tail Lights:

5839 JL Oculus Headlights:

Jeep Wrangler JL RGB+W Headlight Upgrade:

JK HL & FL Bumper Removal:

Jeep Wrangler JL LED bulb Replacements  

Headlight & Fog Lights:

Tail Light:

Vector Grill
Pro Series Vector Update Overview:

Disassemble Vector Grill for Painting:

Vector Grill Unboxing Overview:

Vector JK Installation Video:

Vector JL Installation Video:

Wheel Rings
General Wheel Ring Installation:

Dynamic Wheel Ring Wiring:

Wheel Ring Installation without Dust Shield:

Wheel Ring Tech Tips:

Controllers and Switches
Toggle Switch

Overview of Remote Control Options:  

1706 2.0 Infrared Controller:

9956 Wifi Controller:

1720 Bluetooth Controller:



FAQ Page:

Wiring Guides

Wiring for Halos:
• Red Wire is (+) the positive wire
• Yellow Wire is (-) the negative wire

For Halo Colors White and Amber (Road Legal Colors) we recommend:
• Connecting wires to the Parking Light Harness
• Connecting wires to Ignition Power

For other Single Colors (Non Road Legal Colors) we recommend:
• Connecting Wires to a Toggle Switch view here
• Connecting Wires to a Controller view here


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