Sponsorship Reimbursement Program

We offer a sponsorship reimbursement program for select individuals to participate in for a great discount on your ORACLE Lighting products! We will refund you 20% of your order if you meet the program requirements. The requirements for this program include correctly tagging us on public social media, installing our decal on your vehicle, and providing a minimum of 2 high-resolution professional photos* (minimum 2MB). Refunds are only eligible when submitted prior to 60 days from date of order fulfillment (shipping); submissions past this date will not be eligible for refund. 

Please follow these guidelines carefully to be eligible for refund!

    1. Order from OracleLights.com and enter “Sponsored” in the Discount Code section. (Please note: this cannot be combined with other discounts. This code must be entered at the time of checkout. Previous orders are not retrospectively qualified for this refund discount.)

    2. Install your LED products and the decal sticker on your vehicle. (Only installed product is eligible for credit.)

    3. Post at least one photo or video on a public social media account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or Youtube) and correctly tag ORACLE Lighting.

    4. Complete this submission form including your 2 hi-res photos for your refund review. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing, and you will receive an email with follow-up.

Refunds will be issued as per the discretion of the sponsor according to fulfillments of all requirements. We look forward to seeing your vehicle running our products! 

*Professional-style photos should be in low light (ex: outdoors at dusk, indoor parking garage, etc) with high quality setting, scene, and subject. Phone photographs are not acceptable. Photos may be rejected if these guidelines are not met. By submitting these images, you acknowledge that the sponsor has the authority to use the material for marketing purposes.