10W LED Floodlight

  • $59.97

ORACLE Part # 9045-001

This ORACLE 10W indoor & outdoor floodlight fixture replaces common flood lights fixtures. The 10W output is equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb. This LED bulb puts out 720-900 lumens with the single powerful 10W LED made in the USA by Bridgelux LED. This bulb can last up to 50 years for extended use. This bulb meets and exceeds all Federal minimum efficiency standards.

Product Features & Specs:
- Single High Powered 10W Bridgelux LED Chip.
- Watts: 10W
- Lumens: 720 - 900lm
- Lighting Angle: Lighting Angle: 120
- Life Span: 50,000 Hours
- UPC: 710014500051
- 3 Year Warranty
- Dimmensions LxWxH: 4.5''x3.25x3.25
- Weight: 1.2lbs

LED Flood Light Advantages:
- High efficiency, eco-friendly LEDs
- Consume 1/10th the power of a traditional halogen lamp.
- LED lamps do not put out any heat unlike traditional halogen.
- Bridgelux LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours of continuous use.
- Powerful, high quality chips MADE IN THE USA!
- These Solid-State lights are shockproof and will not go out if jarred or vibrated.
- Housings are rated for outdoor use and can be used in wet, rainy, or snowy conditions

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