2015-2021 Dodge Charger ORACLE 9005 4,000+ Lumen LED Headlight Conversion Kit - High/Low Beam

  • $149.95

ORACLE Part # 5239-001

Will fit 2015-2021 Dodge Chargers with Halogen Headlights. Will not fit vehicles with HID Headlights.

Product Description:

These new high-output LED Headlight bulbs create a 4,000+ Lm blanket of light for the driver to increase safety and nighttime visibility. Philips Luxeon ZES chips allow for the increased Lumen output while still drawing less than half the power of the factory headlight bulb. These smaller chips also have excellent heat dissipation characteristics, making them extremely reliable even in harsh environments.

The new internal driver components were designed by Samsung and offer excellent performance in a smaller package. The new adjustable heat sink makes fitment issues a thing of the past since it is removable to reverse install or mount outside the headlight back-cap for added adaptability. More illumination, increased reliability, and easier installation… all for LESS than before!

Product Features:
• Minimum Output: 4000+ Lumens
• Maximum Output: 6000 Lumens
• Compliant 6000k Color
• Easy DIY Installation
• No Flickering/Flashing
• Non-Glare-Engineering
• Extended Durability
• Efficient Lighting
• Can-Bus Compatible
• Self Regulated Cooling
• Less Points of Failure
• Instant Start-up Light
• No Relay Harness Needed
• No High-Draw Ignition
• Less Amp/Power Draw
• One Bulb High/Low Beam
• 2 Year Warranty

Package Includes:
2 x ORACLE 9005 4,000+ Lumen LED Headlight Bulbs
2 x 9005 Connectors
2 x 9005 Compact LED Drivers

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