Mazda Miata COMPLETE Flush Mount Headlight Kit

  • $499.00


ORACLE Part# 5313-504

Fits: 1990-1997 Models

- (2) 3K Twill Carbon Fiber Miata Headlight Housings
- (2) Laser Cut Aircraft Grade Aluminum Brackets
- (4) 95mm 15W LED High and Low Beam Emitters
- Plug and Play Wiring Harness and Hardware for Installation

The CF headlight housings are manufactured from 3 layers of high quality Carbon Fiber with a paintable gelcoat finish. Our custom brackets also allows for the addition of hood prop placement. These high quality components combine to create a superior product that anyone would be proud to display on their vehicle.

For a true sports car like the Mazda Miata Aerodynamics is an essential factor in the vehicles performance. The deletion of the barn door effect of the factory headlights not only dramatically increases the level of aerodynamics but also adds a more modern updated appearance.

Weight Reduction:
Using components such as carbon fiber and aluminum the Miata Flush Headlight Kit maximizes function while keeping weight to a minimum. Compared with the complex nature of the pop-up headlights, ORACLE was able to remove over 20 + pounds average with our Flush Mount Kit.

By utilizing the latest lighting technology the Miata Flush kit dramatically increases light output when compared to the dated OEM lamp housings. Our 95mm 15 Watt LED Projectors feature an impressive 5,600 Combined Lumen Low Beam with advanced optics for precision lighting that illuminates the road for increased driver visibility without creating glare that can blind oncoming traffic.

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