ORACLE Chevy Corvette C6 Concept Side Mirrors with Sirius/XM Satellite Antenna

  • $569.95

Part #3902

Will fit the 2007-2013 Chevy Corvette C6 Models with Sirius/XM Satellite Antennas.

The ORACLE C6 Corvette Concept Side Mirrors feature an impressive aerodynamic design for a sleeker & more aggressive look on your C6. The integrated LEDs inside the mirrors can used as both turn signals and parking lights. An aspherical mirror is added for a wider field of view, so no visibility is compromised. The ORACLE mirrors even include heated glass and XM antennas (optional). These are Plug & Play design and connect into the factory harness to allow for full control over the mirror adjusters.

Paint to Match option: The mirrors can be ordered painted any factory GM color code.

ORACLE Lighting offers these parts professionally painted to order. We strongly recommend using this painting service when ordering these parts. If you choose to paint these products yourself please note that parts not properly painted with a UV clearcoat will not be covered under material quality warranty.

  • Painting options add 3-4 weeks to processing time. Once paint process has started, order cannot be cancelled/refunded.
  • Select Paint Options on the Dropdown Menu.
  • Ghost Paint Option adds a "ghosted" paint effect over the LEDs.
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3902-504 No Color N/A
3902-504-G8G Arctic White(G8G) STANDARD
3902-504-G8G-G Arctic White(G8G) GHOSTED
3902-504-418P Atomic Orange(418P) STANDARD
3902-504-418P-G Atomic Orange(418P) GHOSTED
3902-504-GXH Berlin Blue Metallic(GXH) STANDARD
3902-504-GXH-G Berlin Blue Metallic(GXH) GHOSTED
3902-504-GBA Black(GBA) STANDARD
3902-504-GBA-G Black(GBA) GHOSTED
3902-504-512Q Blue Stream Tintcoat(512Q) STANDARD
3902-504-512Q-G Blue Stream Tintcoat(512Q) GHOSTED
3902-504-GAR Carbon Flash Metallic(GAR) STANDARD
3902-504-GAR-G Carbon Flash Metallic(GAR) GHOSTED
3902-504-GBE Crystal Claret Tintcoat(GBE) STANDARD
3902-504-GBE-G Crystal Claret Tintcoat(GBE) GHOSTED
3902-504-GBV Cyber Grey Metallic(GBV) STANDARD
3902-504-GBV-G Cyber Grey Metallic(GBV) GHOSTED
3902-504-G8F Daytona Sunset Orange(G8F) STANDARD
3902-504-G8F-G Daytona Sunset Orange(G8F) GHOSTED
3902-504-GCR Inferno Orange Metallic(GCR) STANDARD
3902-504-GCR-G Inferno Orange Metallic(GCR) GHOSTED
3902-504-933L Le Mans Blue(933L) STANDARD
3902-504-933L-G Le Mans Blue(933L) GHOSTED
3902-504-67U Light Tarnished Silver Metallic(67U) STANDARD
3902-504-67U-G Light Tarnished Silver Metallic(67U) GHOSTED
3902-504-79U Millennium Yellow(79U) STANDARD
3902-504-79U-G Millennium Yellow(79U) GHOSTED
3902-504-301N Monterey Red(301N) STANDARD
3902-504-301N-G Monterey Red(301N) GHOSTED
3902-504-946L Precision Red(946L) STANDARD
3902-504-946L-G Precision Red(946L) GHOSTED
3902-504-83U Sky Gray Metallic(83U) STANDARD
3902-504-83U-G Sky Gray Metallic(83U) GHOSTED
3902-504-GLB Sonic Blue Metallic(GLB) STANDARD
3902-504-GLB-G Sonic Blue Metallic(GLB) GHOSTED
3902-504-GLF Space Blue Metallic(GLF) STANDARD
3902-504-GLF-G Space Blue Metallic(GLF) GHOSTED
3902-504-GAN Switchblade Silver Metallic(GAN) STANDARD
3902-504-GAN-G Switchblade Silver Metallic(GAN) GHOSTED
3902-504-GKZ Torch Red(GKZ) STANDARD
3902-504-GKZ-G Torch Red(GKZ) GHOSTED
3902-504-G8A Velocity Yellow(G8A) STANDARD
3902-504-G8A-G Velocity Yellow(G8A) GHOSTED
3902-504-GCN Victory Red(GCN) STANDARD
3902-504-GCN-G Victory Red(GCN) GHOSTED


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