ORACLE S-Max 3.0 Projector Bezels (Pair)

  • $39.95

ORACLE Part # 8514-504

What better way to complete your retrofitting process then by adding a Bezel to your Projector. The  S-Max 3.0 Bezels have a fully circular design, and work well with larger projectors. Chrome finish, and high temperature plastic ensures style without sacrificing safety. These Bezels sufficiently cover all of the exposed projector, and vent some light for soft outer glow. Allows for customization to change the overall look of your retrofit kit. Projectors will look flush, giving your retrofit a high end style.

Product Features:
• Depth: 4.6"
• Width: 5.6"
• Height: 1.5" 
• Lens Compatibility: 2.5" and 3"

Projector Compatibility:
• ORACLE FX-R 2.5" Projectors

Projector Compatibility with Projector Bezel Centric Rings:
• ORACLE Acura TL 2.5" Projectors
• ORACLE 70mm H1 Projectors 
• ORACLE 70mm H1 6.1 Projectors 

Package Includes:
2 x ORACLE S-Max 3.0 Projector Bezels


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