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ORACLE Lighting Integrated Windshield Roof LED Light Bar System for 2021+ Ford Bronco

ORACLE Lighting Integrated Windshield Roof LED Light Bar System for 2021+ Ford Bronco

Maybe you are in the market for a high-mount LED light bar for your Bronco but don't like the fact that many of the current offerings on the market look like a "stuck-on" after-thought. You might be hoping for something that looks almost factory...we have good news for you! We are finally able to release some info on our patent-pending integrated upper LED light module for the Ford Bronco! Sign up below to get email updates with more information coming soon! 



Integrated Roof Light Bar for the Ford Bronco

As you can see, the unique cowl design blends in with the factory design and provides a quieter and more aerodynamic installation compared to traditional LED light bar setups. The polycarbonate housing is designed to match the styling of the factory hardtop, but it can be installed on soft top Broncos as well!


The Ford Bronco light bar features reflector-facing LED technology. If it does not look like a traditional light bar, that's because it is not! This reflector system is designed to provide optimized LED light output from the 30 individual 8W LED emitters creating at total of 18,000 raw lumens and a projection distance of over 600 meters.

Close-up view:


An added bonus is that the system features selectable amber or white clearance lights. You can select to connect these lights to an aux switch, parking lights, DRL, or just leave them disconnected if you prefer not to have the clearance light feature on your Bronco.


The ORACLE Light Bar System mounts to your late model Ford Bronco using the factory accessory mounting points and factory hardware for an easy, DIY installation experience!

The durable polycarbonate housing comes in a matte black finish by default but will be an option in Carbonized Gray to match the color of the factory hard top. The housing can also be painted if you wish to paint it to match your Bronco's factory color. 

Features and Benefits:
- Aerodynamic Integrated Housing Design
- High-Powered Lighting 30x 8W LED Main Light
- Selectable Amber or White Clearance Lights
- Precision LED Reflector-Facing Technology
- DIY Install- No Fabrication/ Modification Required
- Mounts using Factory Hardware
- Under/Over Voltage and Reverse Polarity Protection
- Electronic Thermal Management
- Innovative Patent Pending Design
- Designed and Engineered in the USA
- LED Lifespan 50,000+ Hours/ 1 Year Warranty

Driving Beam Specifications:
- Raw Lumen Light Output: 18,000LM
- Effective Lumen Light Output: 14,200LM
- Peak Intensity: 420,000CD
- Total Wattage: 240 Watts
- Total Amp Draw: 14A @12V DC
- Beam Angle: 40° Driving Beam
- Max Projection Distance: 1Lux@648M
- Color Temperature: 5500K-6000K
- Advanced Optic Design for Optimal Visibility

Material Specifications:
- Outer Housing Material: Polycarbonate
- Lamp Housing Material: 6030 Aluminum
- Reflector Material: Plated Polycarbonate
- Lens: Material: Lexan Polycarbonate
- Lamp Finish: Polyester Powder Coat
- Stainless Steel Anti-Fog Breather Valves
- Molded IP68 Waterproof Connectors
- Waterproof Rating: IP68 Ingress Protection

More Information about Our Ford Bronco Roof Light Bar

When will they be available?
Based on our current testing, evaluation, and production plan our target is to start shipping the Ford Bronco Windshield Roof Light Bar this summer.


When can they be ordered?

We plan to open up pre-ordering when we get closer to production. Sign up below to get email updates


What will the price be?
We are finalizing some costs but we anticipate a price coming in just under $1K, we will be releasing final pricing, details, and options very soon.


Where can I get updates?

Sign up below to get email updates with more information coming soon! 


If you have further questions on our product offerings, please contact us today at 1-800-407-5776 to talk to one of our auto lighting experts. Check out all lighting upgrades by ORACLE Lighting, and style your Bronco for a head-turning look. We offer several different kinds of lighting options so that you can find something that fits your needs. Find the best lighting products on the market with ORACLE Lighting today!

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