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Color Changing Headlights with App Functionality: How to Use Them

Color Changing Headlights with App Functionality: How to Use Them

image showing color changing headlights with app controls

If you’ve been looking for color changing headlights with app control and Bluetooth compatibility, ORACLE’s line of ColorSHIFT lights are just what you’ve been dreaming of. With our Bluetooth ColorSHIFT controller and our official app, you’ll have so many ways to switch up the look of your new color-changing LED headlights. Read more to find out how to use ORACLE’s top-of-the-line color changing headlight technology and which lights are right for you.

Color Changing Headlights With App Functionality

ORACLE’s ColorSHIFT app combines the newest in LED headlight tech with the ease of access of your smartphone. The app offers four color-control modes that allow you to set different moods through your headlights. The four modes include:

  • Color mode: This mode allows you to directly control the colors of your ColorSHIFT LED headlights. In this mode, you have unlimited color options to choose from, as well as preset color options to make choosing a color easy.
  • Fade mode: Fade mode allows you to phase in and out of multiple colors. In this mode, you have control over the speed of the fade, as well as either preset or custom controls to set what colors your headlights will phase between.
  • Sound activation mode: Through this mode, you can control the look of your lights with whatever music you’re listening to. It’s the perfect way to set the perfect, solid tone for your ride.
  • Strobe mode: Use the strobe mode feature to get a strobe-light effect through your headlights, with a variety of strobe color options to choose from.

Reminder: Our ColorSHIFT app is free and is only meant to work with ORACLE’s line of ColorSHIFT LED lighting options using the BC1 Bluetooth ColorSHIFT RGB LED Controller. We have a huge line of color-changing lights that are compatible with this app, like our rock lights, if you’re looking for more than just color changing options for your headlights. 

How to Set Up Your ColorSHIFT App With Color Changing Headlights

  1. Once you purchase and install our ColorSHIFT LED headlights and the BC1 Bluetooth controller, download and install ORACLE’s ColorSHIFT app on your phone from either Google Play or the iPhone’s App Store. The App Store version of the ColorSHIFT app will only allow you to access the app through your Apple iPhone. 
  2. Open the app and follow your device’s on-screen instructions for pairing the app with your ColorSHIFT lights. Be sure to turn Bluetooth on for this — otherwise, you won’t be able to connect your device to the headlights. 
  3. In the app, go to the “Devices” menu and connect your device to your compatible ColorSHIFT headlights. Note that you won’t go into your device’s general settings to connect to the headlights. Instead, you’ll need to connect directly through the ColorSHIFT app. 

Controllers For Your Color Changing Headlights With App Functionality

ORACLE has you totally covered — once you’ve decided the ColorSHIFT LED lights and app are the best choice for you and your ride, our BC1 Bluetooth ColorSHIFT RGB LED Controller will make connecting your smartphone to our color-changing LED lights a breeze. Its compact and weatherproof design makes install easy and will keep your new color-changing headlights running smoothly. Before using the ColorSHIFT app, simply install this controller by connecting the power and ground cables to your vehicle. 

Other Remote Control Options For Your Color Changing Headlights

If you’re not sure that our BC1 controller and ColorSHIFT app is right for you, ORACLE offers classic hand-held remote control options for you to use with your color changing headlights. Whether you’re on a budget or have some money you’re willing to spend on this project, ORACLE has handheld remote control options that will fit your budget:

  • Simple RGB Controller with Remote: Our most basic remote control option still gives you lots of choices for your color changing headlights. With 24 color options, 9 color-changing modes, and 100% brightness control, this is a great choice for getting the variety you want while on a budget.

  • Smart Touch Multi Function LED Controller: For a more high-tech controller option, our Smart Touch controller gives you touch-screen control over your color-changing lights. 

Our full collection of remote control options for color changing headlights can be found here.

Check out ORACLE Lighting’s Color Changing Headlights with App Controls Now

If you’re interested in getting the best and latest LED lighting tech for your ride, ORACLE Lighting has so many product options to customize your car’s visuals. To learn more, view our full product line to get ideas for your next DIY lighting project for your ride.

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