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New Ford Bronco Accessories ORACLE Lighting Exhibited at The SEMA Show 2022

New Ford Bronco Accessories ORACLE Lighting Exhibited at The SEMA Show 2022

New Ford Bronco Accessories shown by lights on the front of a Bronco

ORACLE Lighting exhibited a multitude of new Ford Bronco accessories at The SEMA Show 2022. The SEMA Show is the definitive automotive aftermarket industry show of the year, and products for a great vehicle like the Bronco are heavily represented in our lineup. From triple LED fog lights to flush tail lights, these products will get your Bronco ready to impress and perform both on or off the road. Learn about the accessories we featured in our exhibition at the show this year, to take this tough and impressive vehicle to the next level. 

Bronco Oculus Headlights

Your headlights are a critical part of keeping you safe when driving in lower visibility conditions, so when you start looking into upgrades for your Bronco, headlights are a logical place to start. ORACLE Lighting’s Bronco Oculus™ Headlights are a major upgrade for your ride. Our focused LED design helps reduce glare for other drivers due to its high-precision sharp cut-off line, especially on raised Broncos where this is a particular danger. At the same time, these super bright Bi-LED projector headlights provide you with greatly enhanced visibility. Our Oculus headlights have a modular design, which means that you can install the turn signal, marker lights, and mounting tabs separately. The modular design condenses into a smaller package for shipping, reducing your shipping cost and the likelihood of damage in transit. Additionally, the modular design allows for you to upgrade or replace any of the individual components as needed. Get ready to see and be seen like never before with ORACLE Lighting’s Bronco Oculus™ bi-LED projector headlights.

Bronco Flush Mount Tail Lights 

ORACLE Lighting has designed new flush mount tail lights for the Ford Bronco, which can help you avoid a common problem that Bronco owners encounter when they go off-roading. The flush mount design helps prevent the kind of damage that can happen to the factory lights, which stick out three inches, on the trail. This simple upgrade will help you enjoy off-roading without having to worry about damaging your tail lights with obstacles such as branches that you may have missed. These flush mount tail lights feature high-powered LEDs for a lot of brightness and they wrap around the edge of the vehicle for maximum visibility so you can back up safely, making them useful even on the road, in parking lots, or in your driveway. Like many of our products these lights are easy to install so you can get back to driving right away. The sleek design of these tail lights along with their brightness will make your driving safer without compromising the look of your vehicle. 

Bronco Cargo Light

ORACLE Lighting has created a cargo light module for the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco, to improve your ability to see this area at night. The Bronco unfortunately does not have enough lighting in this area straight from the factory. By replacing the factory wiper motor cover, this cargo light can be installed in a factory location and mounted with factory hardware, so it blends in instead of having an obvious aftermarket look. Using the illuminated on/off switch to illuminate the Bronco’s cargo space and exterior. This additional light will make it much easier to load and unload your Bronco at night, so when you get out your camping gear, it will be a lot easier to find. No matter when and where you choose to take your Bronco, this LED cargo light module will help you find what you need in the cargo area of your vehicle right away.

Bronco Triple Fog Light

One of our most exciting new Ford Bronco accessories, ORACLE Lighting’s Triple Fog Lights for the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco are designed for the factory modular steel bumper on these Bronco models. These lights comprise three forward-facing LED lights that feature six high-powered emitters with a 6000 raw Lumen output. These triple fog lights have a blacked-out look with a powder coat finish for a unique appearance, while also avoiding glare. They even have a waterproof rating of IP68. As with many of ORACLE Lighting’s products, this triple fog light installs in factory bolt locations, making it quick to install without any drilling or modifications, and using the tools you have in your garage. The fog light kit includes 2 assembled steel housings, 6 LED Emitters, Wiring Harness and all hardware needed. 

Bronco LED Off-Road Side Mirrors

The Ford Bronco is designed to be an off-roading machine, so if you’re ready to head out off the beaten path, make sure you have the equipment you need to stay safe and enjoy the ride. These LED mirrors for off-roading have the brightness that lets you see obstacles you might otherwise miss, and as they’re positioned on the side mirrors, they increase peripheral visibility without obstructing the driver’s line of sight. Unlike light bars that attach to your bumper or roof rack, our off-road side mirrors are created to blend into your vehicle design and retain an almost factory look, so they won’t get in the way while they get the job done. 

ORACLE Lighting is always designing and developing innovative new products, so for updates and behind the scenes of the development of some of our products, check our news page

Check ORACLE Lighting’s New Ford Bronco Accessories and Popular Bronco Products

Your Ford Bronco can reach new heights of performance with ORACLE Lighting's new Ford Bronco accessories. From your headlights to your tail lights, these easy-to-install products will improve your Bronco’s performance and style, whether you choose to take it off-roading or just drive it to the store. If you are looking for a different accessory, check out our full collection of Ford Bronco products to see all that we have to offer and keep watching for more developments in the future. We also offer unique and effective products for many other makes and models of vehicles, from cars and trucks to motorcycles and ATVs. With over 20 years of experience creating high quality lighting products, ORACLE Lighting has what you need to upgrade your Ford Bronco. 

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