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ORACLE Lighting Marine Vessel LED Signage used on Utramar Ferry Fleet

ORACLE Lighting Marine Vessel LED Signage used on Utramar Ferry Fleet

ORACLE Design Lab develops LED Marine Signage for Ultramar Marine. 

Ultramar, a ferry company that operates in Cancun, Mexico, asked the Oracle team to develop logo lighting, as well as new safety rail lights for passengers.

The new logo graphics provided a more distinct look across the entire Ultramar fleet. Waterproof RGB LED's offered customization for every logo implementation and ensured that the LEDs would be shielded from the natural elements.  

ORACLE ColorSHIFT® LED Lighting offers color-changing lighting technology. The user can select from hundreds of colors and LED lighting patterns for the ultimate user experience. The exclusive ColorSHIFT® LED Lighting is brighter and more durable than any other RGB LEDs on the market. 

Our vessel signage is designed to be completely waterproof up to IP67 standard. This means that the sign can be completely submerged underwater and still continue to operate without failure. The proprietary sealing method includes redundancies for water intrusion prevention while still providing adequate heat dissipation for the LEDs standard operating requirements. Be reducing the thermal load the LED chips perform flawlessly with a lifespan of over 60,000 hours of continuous use.

Our multi-layer designs feature a contrasting center layer or “accent color” layer to help the letters have a visual pop even during the day when the lights are off. These layers are held together both with marine-grade 5200 adhesive and mechanically with hardware. Stainless studs which are attached to the back of the stainless steel beauty plate are used to sandwich the layers together in specific locations of each letter to insure maximum structural integrity.

The newly designed rail lights provide safety accents to the railing system, all while being showcased in discrete fashion. Because of the LED light output, it also helped illuminate passenger seating. Creating easy night-time use for Ultramar customers.  

Services Used:

Design Development, 3D Modeling, Circuit Design, Engineering, Prototyping, Manufacturing

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