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Oracle Lighting's Honda CBR1000 Motorcycle Halo Kits lighting

Product Spotlight: Oracle's Motorcycle Halo Kits

Oracle Lighting Honda CBR1000 Halo Kit lightingMotorcycle enthusiasts know that there's a seemingly endless supply of bike modification options available on the market. Without a doubt, one of the most stunning add-ons is Oracle Lighting's motorcycle Halo Kit, which gives a wide variety of bike makes and models a unique, head-turning lighting setup. Here's a closer look at the Halo Kits.

Custom Functional Lighting

Using the latest lighting technology and the market's best materials, Oracle's motorcycle Halo Kits give bikes a one-of-a-kind, customizable look while also adding headlight brightness—they can be seen even in direct sunlight. Halo Kits are available in surface mount diode (SMD), cold cathode fluorescent lighting (CCFL), light emitting diode (LED), and plasma varieties, with each offering its own degree of brightness and functionality. Additionally, Halo Kits can transform a motorcycle's appearance using colored lights, including red, green, blue, purple, and amber options. Using ColorSHIFT technology, Halo Kits can even change color instantly to suit a rider's preference.

A Complete Package for a Variety of Bikes

Halo Kits are available to riders who may own a wide variety of motorcycle makes and models, including the Harley-Davidson Road Glide, Yamaha's R1 and R6, Kawasaki's ZX6R and ZX12R, Suzuki's Hayabusa and GSXR 750, and many more. Oracle's motorcycle Halo Kits come complete with two Halos, either two ballasts (for use with CCFL lights) or drivers (for use with SMD, plasma, and ColorSHIFT lights), and vehicle-specific installation instructions and wiring. And as with many other Oracle products, motorcycle Halo Kits are protected by a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Because we meticulously design and manufacture our own Halo Kits and other products, Oracle Lighting has become an award-winning industry leader with more quality control than third-party sellers. If you're interested in adding the brightest and most reliable custom lighting to your bike, call Oracle Lighting toll-free at (800) 407-5776 or at (504) 835-0055 if you're in the New Orleans area.
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