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How to Build Your Own Real Life Barbie Jeep with 5 ORACLE Lighting Products

How to Build Your Own Real Life Barbie Jeep with 5 ORACLE Lighting Products

Ever wondered how you could turn your childhood dreams into a real life Barbie Jeep? With ORACLE Lighting’s line-up of automotive lighting products and accessories, you can create a sleek, grown-up version of this iconic kids toy. Keep reading to learn more about the five ORACLE products that can turn your perfect, grown-up Barbie Jeep into a reality.

LED lights on the grill of a real life Barbie Jeep


Exterior Lighting for Your Real Life Barbie Jeep

Exterior lighting is crucial to building a real life Barbie Jeep that people will remember on the road. Thankfully, ORACLE Lighting has pioneered game-changing color lighting technologies that will brighten up your ride with the pinks and purples every Barbie Jeep needs.   

1. LED Illuminated Spare Tire Wheel Ring Third Brake Light

    When building your Barbie Jeep, you want the best of both worlds: lighting that highlights the iconic features of your Jeep while also delivering the bright pinks that are true to Barbie’s style. With ORACLE’s LED Spare Tire Wheel Ring, you can add a Barbie pink touch to one of Jeep’s most recognizable features. Installing this light onto the spare tire of your Jeep Wrangler will give you a third brake light.

    2. Pre-Assembled Fog Lights with Dynamic ColorSHIFT

      ORACLE’s ColorSHIFT Halo Kits allow you to filter through multiple colors at once, giving your halo lights a dynamic and attention-grabbing effect that’s perfect for a Barbie Jeep. These Pre-Assembled Fog Lights with Dynamic ColorSHIFT are available for a variety of Wrangler model years, as well as other Jeep models. Use our Dynamic ColorSHIFT fog lights to create a fun rainbow effect, or to cycle between fun pinks and purples.  

      3. Vector™ Pro-Series Full LED Grills for Jeep Wrangler JK or JL/JT

        Barbie is known for her iconic pink style, but the Barbie Jeep of ’90s kid fame features some important purple features that add to its memorable style. With the Vector™ Pro-Series Full LED Grill, your real life Barbie Jeep can include those important purple accents, too. The Vector™ Grill for the Wrangler JK comes in Plum Crazy Pearl, the perfect tone for your Barbie Jeep. For Wrangler JL and JT models, we recommend that you check out our Vector™ Series Grill LED Halo Kit with ColorSHIFT to get those additional purple accents added. 

        Interior Lighting for Your Real Life Barbie Jeep

        When it comes to making your own real life Barbie Jeep, you want stunning visuals both inside and outside of your ride. Adding custom interior lighting to your Barbie Jeep will help balance out the lighting visuals included on the outside, making every ride feel like a true adventure worthy of Barbie and her friends! Here are some products that will give your Barbie Jeep interior the “wow” factor you’ll need to stand out from the crowd:

        4. LED ColorSHIFT Fiber Optic Dash

          Light up your Barbie Jeep’s dashboard with ORACLE’s ColorSHIFT Fiber Optic Dash kit! With either the ColorSHIFT app or wireless remote, you can set your dash lights to the exact tone of pink that you’re looking for. For additional visual impact, you can use different visual effects (such as strobe lights, color transitions, or pulsing) on your fiber optic dashboard lights.

          5. ORACLE 200” RGB ColorSHIFT Flex Strip System with 2.0 Controller

            Why stop at just lighting up your dashboard? ORACLE’s 200” RGB ColorSHIFT Flex Light Strip System is designed to make your car’s interior pop. Whether you want additional lighting in your footwells, trunk, or elsewhere, our LED Flex Strips have almost unlimited applications. If you have additional strips left over once you’ve installed them inside your Barbie Jeep, you can use them for your underbody or even your engine bay, too. 

            No Wrangler? No Problem! View All of Our Jeep Products Online

            While some of the products featured in this guide are built for Jeep Wrangler JK and JL models, ORACLE has tons of lighting fixtures custom made for the Jeep Commander, Patriot, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, and more. Take a look at ORACLE’s full lineup of Jeep products to see how to customize a real life Barbie Jeep for your make and model.

            Looking for More Ways to Customize Your Own Real Life Barbie Jeep? ORACLE Lighting Has You Covered.

            For over two decades, ORACLE Lighting has designed aftermarket automotive lighting products that are guaranteed to make your ride stand out. You can check out our full line of products online or even shop by your car’s exact make and model. 

            To talk with one of our lighting experts today, you can contact us on the ORACLE Lighting website or call us at 504-835-0055. 

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