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The Debate of RED -vs- AMBER Rear Turn Signals... Which one is right?

The Debate of RED -vs- AMBER Rear Turn Signals... Which one is right?

Why are some rear indicator lights Red while others are Amber or Yellow?  It’s common to see Red rear indicator lights on the road in the US on old and new vehicles alike. Most European vehicles sold in the US, such as BMW, use Amber turn signals because in many European countries Amber signals are required on both the front and rear of the vehicle as turn indicators.  


While both Red and Amber (Yellow) rear turn signals are compliant options here in the US, some people believe that Amber lights may be a better option because there is a more distinct contrast between the Red brake lights and Amber turn lights. Some people just prefer the appearance of the Red lights while others are partial to the Amber appearance.  


Want to add an Amber Turn Signal to your ORACLE Flush Mount Taillights? These new modules allow you to do just that. The reverse light still functions like before with the same brightness but now also has an Amber feature for a bright turn signal in replace of the Red Taillight section flashing. Installs by removing the original modules and installing the new modules with the existing hardware. Wiring connects to the existing connector and a pin is added to original plug.

By offering these modules with Amber capable rear turn signals the ORACLE Flush Tail Lights can now meet certain criteria for compliance in other countries such as Europe, South America, and the Middle East where a rear Amber indicator light is required. 

These modules can also be wired as a rear-facing Amber chase light by connecting the Yellow wire lead to a factory Aux switch rather than connecting them as a turn signal. Either way, this option adds an Amber feature light that can provide function as a turn signal, rear-facing fog light, chase light, or other feature such as an integrated strobe light if the user prefers. This versatility makes these modules a great add-on regardless of where you fall on the Red VS Amber turn signal debate.

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