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The Top Eight Dodge Challenger Gifts for This Holiday Season

The Top Eight Dodge Challenger Gifts for This Holiday Season

Whether you’re searching for presents for someone who loves muscle cars or you’re looking for a way to trick out your own vehicle, ORACLE Lighting has the perfect Dodge Challenger gifts to choose from. Our collection of high-quality aftermarket accessories is exactly what’s needed to take any car to the next level.

Here are the eight gifts for a Dodge Challenger owner that will make your holiday shopping easy as pie:

  1. LED Conversion Kit
  2. LED Fog Light Replacement
  3. Concept Sidemarkers
  4. Afterburner Kits
  5. Dodge Challenger Color-Changing Halo Kit
  6. LED Underbody Lights
  7. Illuminated Wheel Rings
  8. ColorSHIFT Demon Eyes

A red Dodge Challenger features ORACLE's red halo headlights and fog lights.

Dodge Challenger Gifts for the Quality Seeker

People only want the best for their cars. That’s why all of our products are developed in-house—to ensure that there won’t need to be any after-holiday returns. Check out the collection now.

LED Headlight and Fog Light Conversion Kits for Challenger

If you are looking for a trouble-free lighting performance, our LED conversion kits are the answer. These headlight bulbs allow for excellent visibility due to their high-quality chips and optimized reflective optics. These lights are simple plug-and-play, so you can simply remove the old lights and replace them with these LEDs on Christmas afternoon. Plus, these have self-regulating temperature inside the bulbs to keep them cool with no extra wiring.

For the perfect add-on, get our LED fog light conversion kit too, which increases safety and driving at nighttime with over 4000 lumens of light. Even with so much power, they use less than half the amount of power than the factory stock bulbs.

Dodge Challenger Custom Accessories: Concept Sidemarkers 

These complete sidemarker replacements are fitted with high-powered LEDs to produce a laser-like appearance. They are extremely easy to install by popping out the factory sidemarkers and inserting the ORACLE Concept Sidemarkers right into the stock wiring connector. For the perfectly tailored gift, we’ll paint the sidemarker panel to match over 30 factory colors so it blends in seamlessly.

Challenger Afterburner Halo Kits 

Give a pop to the back of any Dodge Challenger with our afterburner tail light kits. The resin-injected red polycarbonate lenses are waterproof (IP67) and don’t require baking or cutting your tail lights. These SMD halos are attached directly on the outside of the vehicle’s tail light lenses so installation is fast and simple for novices and experts alike.

A Dodge Challenger features ORACLE's blue halo headlights and fog lights.

The Attention-Grabber: Gifts for Dodge Challenger Owner

Here are the perfect gifts for the Dodge Challenger owner who wants to stop everyone in their tracks and who pays knows the importance of quality products. Shop the collection today.

Dodge Challenger Color-Changing Halo Kit

ORACLE’s Dynamic ColorSHIFT halo kit shows off the latest advancements in lighting technology with the capability to run multiple moving colors through the halo ring at once. Use our custom smartphone app to display over 200 pre-programmed patterns or to design something completely unique. Then, when getting back on the road, change it to street-legal white mode. This kit includes a plug-and-play wiring harness and a Bluetooth controller.

To make jaws drop, pair this with the Dodge Challenger color-changing halo kit for fog lights which will bring our trademarked technology to the entire front of the vehicle.

LED Underbody Lights for Dodge Challenger

Completely transform a vehicle with our underbody lights. This kit comes with four LED strips that fit most vehicles to give them the appearance of floating so they stand out from the crowd. Our flex-strips feature Bridgelux chips for maximum quality, brightness, and longevity. Each LED strip is cut to size, soldered, and heat-shrunk by our in-house technicians to make sure that you are receiving the highest-quality product possible. Use one of our ColorSHIFT controllers to match the lights to any car’s color scheme.

Illuminated Wheel Rings

ORACLE’s illuminated LED wheel rings are an easy and effective way to light up a vehicle’s wheels and show off. This product consists of a set of four illuminated aluminum rings that attach around the brake rotor and to the brake dust shield. These lights can also be mounted to older vehicles that have drum brakes. The effect is a large wheel of light that accents custom wheels to stand out in any environment. Our wheel rings are available in multiple colors and a color-changing option. 

ColorSHIFT Demon Eye Headlights 

Take projectors to the next level with our ColorSHIFT demon eye illumination kit. These powerful LED kits illuminate or backlight projector headlight lenses to create the show-stopping demon-eye look. Plus, this kit allows the user to change the color of the headlights at any time. Installation is simple and can be custom installed into any style projector headlight.

Get Your Dodge Challenger Gifts at ORACLE Lighting

No matter if you’re shopping for yourself or for someone else, ORACLE Lighting has something for any Challenger owner. All of our products are guaranteed to be the highest quality and make an impression. Shop online today to get your holiday gifts before it’s too late!
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