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The Top Female Car Enthusiasts Shaking Up the Industry

The Top Female Car Enthusiasts Shaking Up the Industry

It’s no secret that the car industry has been heavily dominated by men for years, but that doesn’t mean female car enthusiasts haven’t been shaking things up.

Times have changed. With supercar action films like the Fast and Furious series, hot rides and the people who love them are often in the spotlight. We love to see the brotherhood of Dominic Toretto and his band of thieves, but we also love the mischievous, driven Letty Ortiz, a car enthusiast among the best of them. 

For many female car lovers, Letty was their voice in a male-dominated space. Now, the mainstream knows to shout out the girls when they want to talk about carheads. Luckily, there’s a crew of top female car enthusiasts shaking up the industry these days and it’s time to show them the love they deserve. Here’s a list of the coolest girls in the hottest cars, who you should be following.

Female car enthusiasts are adding new perspectives to the industry.


Some of the Top Female Car Enthusiasts

Melissa Harville-Lebron

Melissa Harville-Lebron made history last year as the first Black woman to own a NASCAR team, E2 Northeast Motorsports, Inc. A New York native, Harville-Lebron began her career in the entertainment industry with artist development and fell into a love of motorsports. Once she saw the supercar industry as profitable and in need of some diversification and inclusion, she entered the field enthusiastically adding to the growing number of female car enthusiasts. She was brought into the sport at the behest of her two sons, and Harville-Lebron invested thousands of her own capital, without the help of investors, into sustaining her own team. 

Emelia Hartford

Emelia Hartford dazzles YouTubers every week on her channel, where she builds and races cars. On her channel, she takes apart salvaged vehicles and transforms them into completely new cars. This California girl is an actress, hostess, and avid car enthusiast, who will be featured on Netflix’s Fastest Car series. Hartford can also be seen on DailyDrivenExotics, a YouTube channel dedicated to creating a supercar community, highlighting exotic cars and popular culture. 

Abbie Eaton

Abbie Eaton races around London as the Grand Tour’s test driver. She’s a performance driving instructor and racecar coach who’s been in fast cars with her father Paul Eaton since the age of ten. The reigning undercover female “Stig,” Eaton has set drive times for many of your popular racing shows. When you really want to see a car enthusiast full of love and passion for her craft, check out Abbie Eaton, who’s career keeps moving forward. 

Jennifer Alvarado

Another top female car enthusiast representing California, Jenn Alvarado (or Integress), can be found on YouTube with her Lexus fashioned after the Batmobile. A comic book junkie and car head, Alvarado cosplays as Harley Quinn and reviews cars from the perspective of someone who is vertically challenged. A Texan, who was featured on Adults React… on YouTube, Alvarado is making waves in the car world. 

Becky Evans

Becky Evans, a.k.a. The Drift Queen, is a presenter for Red Bull and a hot car lover. She rides for the likes of McLaren Automotive, Audi, and Jaguar, and reviews the experience in detail on her channel. This top female car enthusiast hails from the U.K., where she’s a content creator for YouTube and brand influencer. She has an extensive car collection, including a BMW M3 F80, and drags a variety of cars at high speeds on her channel. Check out the reigning Car Queen B. 

Alexandra Mary Hirschi

Alex Hirschi, or Supercar Blondie, is Australia’s own car enthusiast. Currently residing in Dubai, she was voted one of the “Top 30 most influential women in the Arab World” by Arabian Business last year. She’s a brand ambassador for Ferrari and Bugatti, among other elite car brands, and features several Supercars on her YouTube channel. Her videos range from cooking eggs on a Rolls Royce to gushing over a Lamborghini Urus. Her social media brandishes her lavish life, but also her love of fancy and fast cars. 

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