Using Ultraviolet LED Light to Sanitize Respirator Filter Cartridges Concept

Posted by Justin Hartenstein on

Respirator filters become contaminated with particulate as they are designed for. Some of this particulate is live bio-matter in the form of pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and mold. These potentially harmful germs can be unintentionally transferred to the user or others from the contaminated surface. 

By exposing the filter surface to ultraviolet light this live material is inactivated. UV light damages a pathogen’s DNA or RNA, which prevents it from replicating and infecting the body if inhaled or touched. The light would be produced by UV LED emitters oriented in a way that the filter has a long exposure to the UV light which disinfects and kills biological material trapped in the filter material. 


Another issue is that most masks do not prevent virus spread if the user of the mask is positive. Respirator masks use a one-way valve to allow exhaled air to be expelled through an exhaust port with a membrane cover. The concept is to integrate an exhale port cover which will attach to the exhale port and emit UV light into the port and airflow space of the port. Exposing the outgoing air to high-dose UV light to inactivate cells being exhaled by the user. 

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