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What Are Rock Lights? Explained

What Are Rock Lights? Explained

A grey jeep is illuminated by blue rock lights underneath the vehicle and a blue sunset in the background

Whether you’re a car show enthusiast or a regular driver looking for an upgrade to your vehicle, you might be wondering “what are rock lights?” Rock lights are LED light systems that allow drivers to see the area around the vehicle more clearly. Most rock lights are installed in the wheel wells of the vehicle, but plenty of drivers also use them for other functions like to see behind them when they’re backing up. 

Rock lights aren’t just for function. Plenty of car aficionados who love to mod their cars use rock lights in a variety of colors to make their vehicles stand out on and off the road.

Below, we’ll answer the question “what are rock lights?” and give you tips for how you can use rock lights to upgrade your car, Jeep, or truck.

What Are Rock Lights and Why Do I Need Them?

Rock lights are often used by drivers with a love for off-roading. Jeep drivers, ATV and UTV drivers, and even some dirt bikers find that rock lights provide extra visibility and give a sleek look to their rides. But even if you don’t fit into one of these categories, rock lights are some of the best lights on the market in terms of keeping drivers safe at night.

Although headlights and fog lights are useful to see the road around you at night, rock lights are designed to be installed underneath the vehicle so that drivers can see rocks and debris that might potentially cause damage to the vehicle. Because rock lights are so exposed to the bludgeoning of rocks and debris, the lights are built with high-end aluminum and toughened glass. Most models are shock-proof, rust-proof, and dust-proof. 

The majority of rock lights, such as ORACLE’s, are controlled by an app that allows the driver to turn the lights on and off as needed. These features also allow the driver to set the speed, brightness, and strobe speed. Depending on your selection, you can also wire them to a switch integrated into your dashboard for a quick flip to turn them on.

What Are Rock Lights and How Do I Choose Which Type to Buy?

Now that you can answer the question, “what are rock lights?” let’s get into which items to choose from to really make your car light up the road. 

Single Color Underbody Rock Light Kit 

When it comes to prioritizing high-intensity light, there’s no better option than the ORACLE 3-Watt Single-Color LED Rock Light Kit. This kit consists of two high-intensity LEDs with a stud-style screw design. During production, the units are injected with resin to make them weatherproof. If there’s one thing that these lights need besides shining brightly, it’s durability, and these rugged lights are perfect for under-cab lighting. 

The units can be easily installed by drilling a ⅜” hole through the inner fender liner. Drivers can choose from white, blue, red, green, and amber lights to fit their aesthetic perfectly. 

ColorSHIFT Rock Light Kit 

If you’re a driver who likes to put on a show, the ColorSHIFT Rock Light Kit is the perfect fit for you. This kit features a Bluetooth smartphone control and an optional wireless RF remote that allows you to choose from thousands of colors for your lights, control the brightness and strobing, and even sync up the lights to your music so that you can instantly turn your car into a party. 

These units should be installed in the wheel wells in front and behind each tire, lighting your way into the night. You can, however, create a custom light show by installing them in other places on your vehicle.

Magnet Adapter Kit

For some drivers, drilling a hole themselves anywhere in their car seems like a gamble and paying someone to do it doesn’t seem worth it. Luckily, there’s a solution. Installing ORACLE Lighting LED Rock Lights have never been easier with our magnetic adapters

Made from neodymium rare earth magnets with a 40-pound pull force, these easy-to-install magnet adapters allow drivers to simply place lights onto their desired spot on the car. The best part? There’s no drilling involved. With these magnetic adapters, drivers can install their rock lights on the wheel wells, engine compartment, under-carriage, under metal bumpers, behind the grill, and under rocker panels.  

What Are Rock Lights? ORACLE Lighting Has the Answers

Whether you’re an off-roading enthusiast or an everyday driver looking to upgrade your car’s lighting system, hopefully you now can answer the question “what are rock lights” and know that they’re the lights for you. Not only do they allow for more visibility but they also come in fun colors and can be controlled using Bluetooth.

At ORACLE Lighting, we make sure our products are top notch. That’s why all our rock light systems come with a troubleshooting guide, so if anything goes wrong you know exactly what to do.

For any questions about rock lights or our other products, contact us today!

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