2020-2022 Ford F-150 Products: LED Lights for Ford Trucks

When you combine intelligent machinery and tough attitudes, you get the Ford F-150. These drivers know what they need to be safe on the road and during a heavy-duty workday of hauling. As the 2021 North American Truck of the Year, the F-150 is a certifiably reliable truck, but sometimes drivers want more than just safety and efficiency. LED lights for Ford trucks are extremely popular due to their versatility, and ORACLE Lighting is here to help with changing up your truck’s style. 

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Style is an optional but important feature of your truck and you can show it off with ORACLE Lighting’s LED lights for Ford trucks. If the question is how will you personalize the vehicle without sacrificing functionality, the answer is through ColorSHIFTⓇ RGB+W Upgrade kits. A popular upgrade for 2020+ Ford F-150 headlights and foglights, these kits allow a wide variety of dynamic custom options. 

ColorSHIFTⓇ headlights and foglights feature high-performance chips that use the existing DRL features on your Ford and convert the colors without permanently altering the white DRL. This means you can switch between a spectrum of colors and then, back to street legal white or amber lights in the blink of an eye. These LEDs that output bright, quality light without extensive power consumption can change to hundreds of different colors and a variety of patterns and function speeds, so you can have your own personal light show wherever you go. 

If you’re in the market for an upgrade and you live for adventure, consider our LED Off-Road Side Mirrors. These additional high powered light bars sit on top of factory-style side mirror caps that provide extra lighting for night-time trailblazing. This innovative design is an ORACLE Lighting original, meant to give extra visibility across any terrain without looking like an afterthought. Each of the 24 LED lights form a unit that is carefully angled to give the driver the widest range of sight possible while remaining durable, functional, and affordable. When it comes to LED lights for Ford trucks, you just can’t get brighter than that.