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ORACLE Lighting Flush Mount LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

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$419.95 - $440.95
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  • ORACLE Part#'s
    5884-504 : Standard Red Lens (In stock)
    5884-504-T : Tinted Lens (Out of Stock, Estimated to Ship 10/13/23)

    Designed to fit flush with the rear end of the Jeep Wrangler, the new JL Flush Tail Lights from ORACLE Lighting offer new LED features and improved styling.

    Now featuring the same great product available in a TINTED version!

    This innovative design is a sleek tail light for Jeep Wrangler JL's that wraps tightly around the truck. Protruding out significantly less than the factory tail lights, this low-profile design helps avoid damage while trail riding. These Jeep Wrangler JL tail lights feature an attractive design and functional LED lighting features including high-powered reverse lights and unique signature perimeter lighting.

    In addition to standard features, the plug-and-play design features an enhanced reverse function and caters to the Jeep’s optional cross-traffic sensor. The reverse light features 12 high-powered LEDs for optimal rear illumination. The cross-traffic sensor can be swapped directly over from the factory assembly and easily installs into the ORACLE Lighting tail lights for Jeep Wrangler JL. These flush-mount tail lights are compatible with both the base and LED packages.

    Gain sleek styling that compliments the original body lines and tons of innovative features. With the superior quality and durability that ORACLE Lighting is known for, these tail lights are the perfect upgrade for your Jeep Wrangler JL!

  • Product Features:
    • Sleek styling and flush fit to avoid damage to light
    • Simple plug-and-play install with factory sensor compatibility
    12 high-powered LED reverse lights
    Signature perimeter lighting
    Works with base and LED packages
    1 year warranty

    NOTE: Designed to work with North American Model Wranglers.

    For European or Export model Jeeps we recommended:

    Upgrading your reverse lights using our Dual Function Amber/White Reverse LED Modules (Part# 5915-JL-023). These modules offer the same brightness as the current reverse lights but with the added bonus of an Amber feature for a bright turn signal in place of the Red Tail Light section flashing. It's a simple replacement that can make your tail lights road compliant.

    NOTE: Some users may experience diminished Blind Spot Monitoring or Cross-Traffic Functionality with the use of the factory BSM sensors. Always check your vehicle mirrors, glance over your shoulder, and use your turn signal when changing lanes.

    Additional Information on Factory System from FCA:


  • Package Includes:
    • (2) ORACLE Lighting Flush Mount LED Tail Lights
    • (2) Adhesive Fender Reflectors
    • (2) High Powered LED Resistors
    • Necessary Hardware and Installation Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Super sharp upgrade!

New tail lights look incredible. Highly reccomend! Super sleek, easy to install, noticeably brighter reverse lights & LEDs should make for less power required. Win win!

J.P. Riherd
Tough Lights that work perfectly

I installed a set of these light on my 2020 Jeep JLU Rubicon over a year ago and they work perfectly and they are TOUGH! I was recently hit by a falling rock that destroyed the drivers side quarter panel. The rock smashed the quarter panel flat into the tub, it smashed the gas fill and destroyed the hard top and bent the tub in. When the rock hit, it popped the Qracle Light out of it's place and shot it 25 feet away from the vehicle. When it popped out it made a clean getaway leaving the plugs intact but it crushed the installation bracket but that's OK, it wasn't needed any more. I picked up the light, plugged that light back in and it worked perfectly!!! With a few zip ties I was able to mount it so I could keep driving the jeep safely which I did and I still am until the insurance company can get the jeep repaired! The blind spot indicator still works too! I wish I could post pictures here to show how bad the quarter panel and everything was smashed, but left the light working! Good Job Oracle! I'll be replacing these lights with a new set!

Wow, glad you are ok! Thank you for sharing your story and review.

Michael C. Allen - IG: maverick_jl_4xe
If you have a Jeep, you need these!!!!

First, they look AMAZING!!I and the installation was SUPER EASY!!! No splicing of wires and you don't have to be an electrical genius to get them installed. The instructions are straight forward and very easy to follow PLUS there is a YouTube video you can watch. They are THE MOST PERFECT MOD for your Jeep ESPECIALLY if you are on the trails or off-roading or over-landing or mall-crawling NO MORE fearing that I'll rip off my Tail lights, that's no longer a worry. The back up light is SUPER BRIGHT!! I can see everything through the extremely dark tinting of my rear windows. Not being able to see while backing up is a thing of the past. Oracle Lighting products are the best in the business. Their warranty and helpful staff is there anytime you need them. I'm an Oracle customer for life and you will be too.

Thank you for the very detailed review Michael! Glad our tail lights are such a hit with you and thank you for the kind words about our company!

I'm obsessed!

I got these lights to replace the halogen factory lights that came with my 2022 Rubicon. I wanted bright led lights and that is exactly what I got. I didn't realize how bright they were! I drive long distances for work and I feel safer knowing other drivers can see me break from a distance. It has a very sleek look that sets it apart from the factory led lights. The fact that it wraps around the edge ensures greater visibility from the side, which is a major plus safety wise. I thought I wanted a tinted look, but honestly I love how bright these look. Installation was easy. I did it myself. It's been a year, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I recommend to anyone looking to upgrade their factory lights.

Thank you so much for the detailed review! We are so happy that you are loving your Tail Lights!

Jim r
Best tail lights available

The install was super easy and wow what a difference. Besides the sleek smooth styling these tail lights will transform the back of your jeep. Gone are the days of the chunky oem style and in with the new bright, eye catching tail lights by oracle. The reverse lights are finally bright enough to actually see behind you when you shift in reverse so I was hyped. When I did my install it was a breeze with oem connectors even though I had the halogen option from Jeep. No splicing or piggy packing wires. Note when removing the back of your current tail lights toss your oem screws and use the provided machine screws. Also be careful not to strip the screws when removing them from the back of your old tail lights. Take your time and do one tail light at a time. When you ate finished make sure you test them before hitting the open road. I know you will be satisfied because Oracle Lighting products are the best in the business. Their warranty and helpful staff is there anytime you need them. I'm an oracle customer for life and you will be too.

Thank you for the very thorough and kind review Jim!

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