Dodge Ram Headlights and More

Our Dodge Ram headlights and other LED lighting accessories produce a bright, custom light that can match any style. Many of ORACLE Lighting’s products come with pre-installed, genuine 3M tape to allow for ease of adhesion and vehicle-specific wiring for simple installation. These lights are fast to install, and we offer a wide selection of colors and styles. When considering a brand new set of lights, make sure you check state and local regulations for on-road lighting. 

A Dodge Ram is a powerhouse of a truck and it needs lighting powerful enough to show you the way, wherever you want to go. For example, LED headlights shine brighter and are more energy-efficient than traditional halogen lights, so they’re ready to illuminate your path for offroading and hauling. 

The best part about ORACLE Lighting is the wide variety of products we offer, so you can get the lighting that fits your vehicle’s features and style – and your price point. Whatever your model, ORACLE Lighting has the lights you need. Looking for Dodge Ram 1500 headlights? Our selection is unmatched! What if you prefer a black headlight housing? We’ve got Dodge Ram black headlights too. 

Along with street-driving colors like white and amber, we also have color-changing lights that use our unique ORACLE Lighting ColorSHIFT technology. Surprise your friends and family by changing the color of your headlights, fog lights, and other areas of your truck with rock lights, wheel rings, interior lighting, and more

If your Dodge Ram is an old friend, we’ve got lighting products to fit trucks going back all the way to the 1994 model year. On the flip side, if you’ve got a pretty new Dodge Ram, ORACLE Lighting has products up to the 2022 model year, and we’re always coming out with new products!

Whether you’re looking for Dodge Ram black headlights or prefer a chrome headlight housing, and whether you want white headlights or a color-changing option, ORACLE Lighting has got you covered.  If you want to give your vehicle a boost, check out our available kits for your Dodge Ram, including Dodge Ram 1500 headlights, Dodge Ram Sport headlights, and more! Don’t miss our other products, from tail lights to rock lights, and more below.