Ford Maverick Accessories Including Rock Light Kits and More

When it comes to practicality and capability in a pickup, you realized there’s no better choice than the Ford Maverick. Ford Maverick accessories should live up to the same standards of quality and function you expect from the truck itself. Maverick drivers know what they want, and they need upgrades that work as hard as they play.

Featured Products: Ford Maverick Lights

ORACLE Lighting’s Ford Maverick accessories can add a custom touch to every inch of your vehicle, but you especially won’t want to miss our wheel accessories. Wheels are obviously an essential part of your truck, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have style as well as function. Our Wheel Well Rock Light Kits are a stand out choice when it comes to Ford Maverick lights. These versatile lights are great for drivers to love a little flair, but aren’t afraid of roughing it. This pack of durable LED rock lights install right near your wheels to provide extra illumination, on or off-road. Over 2,400 Lumens of output light your way with 4 white LED rock lights, 8 mounting gasket sets, and included mounting hardware. This easy-to-use kit comes in at a fraction of the price of other kits. Check out our ColorSHIFTⓇ kits for even more customization!

If you want Ford Maverick accessories that make an even bigger impact, take a look at our Illuminated Wheel Rings, which come in Single/Double Row LED and Dynamic ColorSHIFTⓇ options. These rings easily install on trucks as well as cars and SUVs, to provide light and even colorful accents to your undercarriage. High temperatures won’t stop these 2835 lights from shining with every bit of their 12v DC. Each kit includes 4 LED Wheel rings, 20 brackets and installation screws, 4 waterproof cables, and easy installation instructions included. Our ColorSHIFTⓇ lights can be controlled with one of our ColorSHIFTⓇ remotes or mobile app, so you can customize your colors to your heart’s content. Ford Maverick lights come in plenty of other practical and cosmetic options, so be sure to check out each of our unique products for some of the best customs on the market.