Underbody LED Rock Light Kits

Nothing compares to the glow that an LED rock light kit can add to your ride, giving you extra visibility and unexpected style. Pick a single color (now including white) or install our signature ColorSHIFT rock lights that let you change your look instantly to match any other accessories you have installed. Available in two-piece, four-piece, and eight-piece sets, ORACLE Lighting’s LED Rock Light Kits are easy to install, highly waterproof, and durable. They’ll go with you no matter where your off-roading adventures take you.

Not sure what rock lights are for? While headlights are meant for you to see what is ahead of you at night, rock lights, also known as wheel well lights, can help you avoid rocks and other objects that may be hazardous to your vehicle. They are also helpful when entering and exiting the vehicle, allowing you to spot standing water or potholes as you step onto the ground. As you might expect from the names “wheel well lights” and “rock lights,” they are installed in the wheel well and shine low to the ground, letting you see the terrain you’re riding on. On top of that, they look stylish and will make your vehicle stand out from the rest.

Upon receiving ORACLE Lighting rock lights,  you will notice that the lights are marked with 2.1 and 3.1 stickers, indicating the length of the wires. The package will include a ColorSHIFT control box, nuts and bolts, a flat and a curved mounting space, and an RF remote. With all of these included supplies, it doesn’t take much to get you ready to install your rock lights and score a new style for your ride!

Installing our rock lights is easy! Check out this helpful installation video with step by step instructions specifically for ORACLE Lighting LED Rock Light Kits. You can get set up and ready to roll in no time!

Whether you are looking for practical, bright lights, stylish colors, or both, check out our selection of rock lights today! Not looking to buy rock light kits right now? Shop by your vehicle’s make and model for halo kits, wheel rings, and more, to create the custom vehicle of your dreams!