GOBO Projector Car Door Lights

If you want to amp up your automobile style game, our car door lights are the perfect solution, blending form and function. ORACLE Lighting’s puddle lights illuminate the ground outside of your doors so you can make a statement and avoid stepping in mud at the same time. Our car door lights serve both purpose and style on your vehicle. These lights can be a unique way for you to enhance the look of your vehicle, with minimal effort. 

You might be asking yourself, “What is a GOBO door light?” GOBO stands for “go-between optics.” Our car door lights use GOBOs like stencils to create unique patterns and designs with light. 

GOBO door projectors are door lights, in that they are attached directly to your automobile’s door. Whenever your car door opens, the puddle light illuminates the ground below, showing off the image of your choice. They got the name “puddle lights” because they help you avoid accidentally stepping out of your car straight into a puddle. These lights allow you to customize your car, while avoiding stepping into anything that may be below your car. With some creativity, you can also use the GOBO lights in other ways, such as to shine inside a trunk or onto the interior of your hood for a custom car show display. Lights like these may be something you never would have thought of to add to your vehicle, but they will surely help you stand out from the rest. 

Our GOBOs are made with high-powered LEDs, meaning that the fixture is compact, the images are crisp, and the light won’t overheat. LED lights are much more energy efficient than traditional lights. They are also brighter and last longer than a traditional light. LED lights are designed to stay on for a considerable amount of time without overheating or losing brightness. 

ORACLE Lighting’s door lights are also highly customizable. We currently sell over 40 different designs, including logos to match the make of your car, the New Orleans fleur-de-lis, a breast cancer awareness ribbon, and the Batman signal. Whether you want to show your car brand, your fandom, or your support of a charitable organization, you can do so with our GOBO door projectors. We also offer a custom design process if you have a logo that you’d like to display with your GOBO. Contact our team at 1-800-407-5776 for more information about this. These car door lights are the perfect way for you to add a personal touch to your car. Show off your style by creating a custom logo for your lights and make your vehicle as unique as you like. 

Worried about a complex installation process for your door lights? Don’t be! Installing our GOBO car door lights is an easy do-it-yourself process that requires only a few steps. Simply remove your car door panel, drill a hole using the included hole saw tool, connect the wires, reattach the door panel, and get ready to show off your new door lights to the world! Installing lights into your car can be an intimidating process which is why ORACLE Lighting wants customizing your car to be as easy as possible. Check out our installation guides for more information on how to install different types of lights on your car. 

ORACLE Lighting has been selling quality lighting products for over 20 years. Our lighting products and accessories are built to withstand harsh conditions and last many years. Customizing your car should be easy and affordable. We offer high value products at reasonable prices in order to make modifying your car as accessible as possible.

Nothing says fun and functional like our car door lights. Check out our selection today!