Wheel Rings and Accessories

When you think about purchasing aftermarket vehicle lighting, your wheel wells, and even the wheels themselves, might not be the first things that come to mind. That’s exactly why you should consider this upgrade! Not every car on the block has got wheels that glow, so wheel lights give your ride a unique look.


If you really want to showcase your wheels, ORACLE Wheel Lights are the way to go. Sport our neon wheel lightsthat are the best wheel lights for trucks and the best wheel lights for cars. These wheel ring lights attach to the brake dust shield, around the brake rotor. Even if your vehicle is on the older side and has drum brakes, you can install these LED wheel rings with minimal modifications, so this product works for just about every vehicle! These lights make an eye-catching statement, especially the RGB rock lights.


LED wheel lights add an unexpected glow to your ride, helping you stand out from the crowd and giving you another exciting option in vehicle customization. If you want to take your ride to the next level of illumination, you’re on the right track with any of our hubcentric wheel rings!


Don’t forget to purchase your magnets and extensions to go along with your colored wheel rings!