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ORACLE LED DC 24V to DC 12V Step Down Converter

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ORACLE Part # 2078-504

A variable voltage regulator to fine tune voltage output in case your vehicle application is not pulling a proper voltage to regulate LED products. With some vehicles there will be an overload of voltage causing our Halo's to quickly burn out from running different voltage's instead of a constant 12v source. 

Product Specs:
• 12-36V Wide Range Input
• Protects 12V LEDs by providing optimal input current.
• Extend the lifetime of all 12V DC LED Lighting Products.
• Maximum Output Current 2 Amps / 24 Watts.
• Waterproof alloy housing makes the converter ideal for use in a wide range of automotive applications.
• Built-in over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, over-heat and short circuit protection
• Small size (2.5” x 0.75” x 1.25”) for easy mounting and installation.
• High quality and high performance.
• 1 Year Warranty.

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