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Custom Application FAQ

A: YES! We can custom make Halos, DRL's, or other ColorSHIFT products for just about ANY vehicle application in house.

A: We can usually design and install a kit in 4-7 business days depending on how complex the design is. Please contact us at 1(800)407-5776 for more information. 

A: Generally for a 4 ring kit (2 rings per light) it is $199 and for a 2 ring kit (1 ring per light) it is $169. Professional installation is $199. Depending on the color of Halos or LED product chosen, prices could vary.


  1. Contact one of our Sales Representatives at 1-800-407-5776 to request a Custom Application Form.
  2. Remove Lights from Vehicle, Package and Ship to ORACLE through traceable and insurable means to the below address:
    Oracle Lighting
    4401 Division St.
    Metairie, LA 70002
  3. Below are some recommendations to consider when packaging your lights:
    • Lights should be individually wrapped with bubble wrap or similar wrapping product for fragile items.
    • Foam bag/spray offer best protection for headlights and fog lights.
    • Headlights and Fog Lights should have no less than 2 inches of padding between products and the top, bottom, and sides of box.
    • Use of “loose” packaging is not recommended. Item should not be able to move around the box.
    • Protruding brackets/features and attachments should be protected and immobilized if possible.
    • Headlights/Fog Lights should be insured for the total value of the items in order to prevent out of pocket expenses should damage occur.

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