Illuminated Logo Decals- Custom Glowing Graphics from ORACLE Lighting

Whether you are a race team, marketing professional, or just an enthusiast who wants to stand out from the crowd, ORACLE's glowing logo panels are an easy way to add that custom attention-grabbing appearance to your vehicle! These semi-rigid panels can be made in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes suited to your precise details. Custom-made to order, these panels are constructed from an electroluminescent material which glows softly at night. 

Glowing Logos LED ORACLE

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These semi-rigid panels are less than 1mm thick and installed with adhesive tape. 
oracle led glowing logo

Each panel comes with a small inverter box which simply connects to 12V power. The inverter box conveniently has a switch to turn the panel on and off. The size and current of the inverter box changes based on the overall logo size and power needs of the specific application it is being used for. 


These illuminated logo panels are rated at 2,500 hours of use under normal operating conditions. They are designed to stand up to most abuse but if used in motorsports, marine, or other extreme applications the overall lifespan will be reduced. We recommend ordering spares to have on hand in case catastrophic damage occurs. 

ORACLE Glowing Logo

Available Colors:

EL Color Chart

In order to get a quotation, please complete the form below and submit. Please allow 48 hours for response. Minimum order is 12 logos per order.