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Update for the Integrated Light Bar Housing for the ORACLE Lighting Integrated Windshield Roof LED Light Bar System for 2021+ Ford Bronco. We understand that there are instances of light bar housings cracking due to excessive vibration. We are offering redesigned housing under the 1 year manufacturer warranty period. Reach out to us directly for the replacement housing.


  • What was updated?: The cowling has recently been redesigned and is now engineered with additional mounting points in key structural positions along the housing to accommodate steel truss plates to hold the shape and rigidity of the light bar housing against wind and prevent cracking.

  • How do I replace my old housing with the updated housing?: There are 2x 13mm bolts on either side of the light bar that secures the light bar to the housing. Loosen these bolts, remove the light bar, and swap it over to your new housing. Tighten down the 13mm bolts and install your 6x steel truss plates. Reinstall back on your Bronco.
  • Where do the 6x steel truss brackets go?: These should be screwed into the pre-threaded holes as shown in the photo below.

  • Who qualifies for a replacement housing?: Customers’ within the 1 year manufacturer warranty period that is reporting cracking due to excessive vibrations.

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